May 6 Issue
Neighborhood Watch
New Mulch Available
Coyote Safety Info
Bicycle Safety Tips
Culvert Replacement
DOT Public Meeting

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The U.S. Census Bureau estimates Bayside's 2010 population to be 4,389.  To view statwide population totals, visit Census Bureau website.

Destination 650 

This Week's Total: 11.34

YTD Total: 188.7


Thought for the Week 

"Our lives are not determed by what happens to us but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life.  A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes.  It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results."



Neighborhood Watch Meeting Scheduled
An organizational meeting for the Neighborhood Watch Program is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24 at 6:00 pm in the Village Hall Board Room.  The Neighborhood Watch Program will allow residents to be actively involved in deterring crime in their neighborhood. All residents are encouraged to attend and participate.  If you would like more information, please contact Officer Ryan Bowe.  We hope to see you all on May 24.  
New Mulch Available
New mulch is now available!  The mulch is created from the yard waste crews collect through out the year.  By mulching the collected yard waste, the Village saves nearly $25,000 in disposal fees.  Free mulch is available for pick-up at the yard waste center located off of Fairy Chasm Road.  Residents can also schedule a mulch deliver at Village Hall for a fee of $75 per 5 yard increment.
Coyote Info
As more and more people head outdoors to enjoy the warming weather, concerns about coyote encounters to increase. Spring is the season coyote pups are born. Both males and females become much more active in the search of food to feed their new families. With this activity, coyotes also become very protective of their young and could show aggression toward anyone or anything that comes too close to their den. A few points to remember:
  • Coyotes are generally very wary of humans and avoid people whenever possible. Aggressive behavior towards humans should be reported to the police department immediately. This type of behavior is many times associated with people trying to feed coyotes in an effort to help them or "tame" them.


  • Children should be taught to treat the presence of a coyote as an unfamiliar and potentially threatening dog.
    • If approached or followed by a coyote, make loud noises, yell and make yourself look big. Do not turn your back or run from the animal.
    • If the coyote would happen to approach at an uncomfortably close distance, throw stones or other objects at it  while walking calmly to safety.


  • Residents with pets need to keep them on a leash when walking them. While at home, pets should not be allowed to roam freely.
    • Even pets in enclosed yards run the risk of predation, especially at night. Feed your pets indoors to keep pet food from attracting coyotes as well as other wildlife.
    • Other food attractants such as table scraps on compost piles, fallen fruit, and spilled bird seed are other considerations for removal.
    • Yard lights with motion detectors can be used if the coyotes appear too close to ones residence. The sudden appearance of light may frighten the animals away.
    • Continually making load noises when coyotes appear usually increases the chances of the animals not coming back. They will eventually get sick of the added commotion and move on to another area. 

If you encounter a coyote or would like more information, please contact Captain Scott McConnell at (414) 351-8800.

Bicycle Safety Tips
With warmer weather on the way, the Village would like to remind bicyclists about staying safe and using proper etiquette when riding through the Village.
  • Please use your "quiet voice"  when talking to fellow riders, especially in the early morning as residents may be awoken and/or disturbed by the loud chatter;
  • When riding in larger groups, please ride in a single file line.  Riding in a large pack on the Village's narrow streets creates a safety hazard for both you and the passing motorist;
  • Follow the rules of the road.  Bicyclists must obey traffic laws just as vehicles.  Please stop at stop signs and yield at crosswalks.
Replacing your driveway culvert?

This week, Village crews replaced a deteriorated road culvert on Glencoe Place & Fielding Road.  The culvert, which began to fail, caused a minor road washout.  Crews will continue to replace cross culverts as needed in the community to insure proper storm water flow.  Residents are reminded that if they are planning on replacing their culvert or adding impervious surface to their property they need to obtain a permit with the Village.  More information can be found by visiting the Village's website.

DOT Public Meeting Scheduled

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the upcoming I-43 Freeway Rehabilitation Project.  The meeting will be held on May 18, from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Indian Hill Elementary School in River Hills.  Exhibits and materials illustrating the proposed improvements will be available for citizen review and imput.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, but would like more information about the proposed improvements, please contact the DOT Regional Communications Director, Dennis Shook at (414) 750-2395.