Bayside Buzz                       March 11, 2011 

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Live Chat Now Available
Save the Date!
Welcome Graham!
The Snow Continues
Yard Waste Collection

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Tip of the Week

Daylight savings time starts this Sunday, March 13 at 2:00 am.  Remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour!  While you are at it, change the batteries in your smoke detector.

Thought for the Week

"Ideas shape the course of history"


-John Maynard Keynes

Destination 650 

This Week's Total: 9.37

YTD Total: 103.03


You may be throwing away items that are recyclable and not even know it.  Visit the WI DNR's website for more information on residential recycling.

Did You Know?

March 14 - 18 is Wisconsin Flood Safety Awareness Week.  Last summer, was the wettest summer on record, and caused nearly $28 million in damage.  The DNR encourages homeowners to re-evaluate their insurance policies, assess their risks, and purchase flood insurance before its too late.

Live Chat Now Available

This week, the Village launched a live chat function on the Village's website.  Visitors will be able to online chat directly will Village Hall staff via the website.  Staff will be available Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4:30 pm to answer any questions residents may have.  Check it out today!

Save The Date! Spring Clean-Up Day

Welcome Graham!

This week the Village welcomed Graham Hildebrandt as the newest Municipal Technician for the Department of Community and Utility Services.  Graham's duties will include snow removal, trash and recycling collection, sanitary sewer and stormwater maintenance, road repair, as well as other general duties.  Graham comes to the Village after working for the City of Mequon Highway Department.  Please join the Village in welcoming Graham to Bayside!

The Snow Continues...

This week, wet, heavy, and slushy snow hit Bayside.  The Village received nearly 4 inches of new snow.  Crews worked throughout the day to ensure roads were clear and safe for travel.  The Village would like to thank residents for the patience and cooperation during the snow removal operations.

Yard Waste Collection

Believe it or not, Village crews will begin yard waste collection on April 4.  Each home will be collected approximately 15 times, weather dependent.  To view the complete schedule and color coded map, visit the Village's website. The scheduled collection dates are as follows;


Quadrant 1: (N. Pt. Washington Rd (N of Fairy Chasm), W. Duchess Ct, Apple Blossom Ln, W. Ravine Ln, N. Port Ct, N. Sequoia Dr, W. Jonathan Ln, N Wakefield Ct, N Sleepy Hollow Rd, W. Fairy Chasm Rd, W. Ravine Baye Rd, N. Waverly Dr, N Broadmoor Rd, N Fairyway Cir, N Fairway Dr.)

  • April 4, 19
  • May 3, 17
  • June 7, 21
  • July 12, 26
  • August 9, 23
  • September 13, 27
  • October 11
  • November 1, 15

Quadrant 2: (Briarwood Ct, N. Pt. Washington Rd (S of Fairy Chasm), W. Manor Cir, N. Santa Monica Blvd, W. Ellsworth Ln, W. Glencoe Pl, W. Browndeer Rd, N. Iriquois Rd, N. Mohawk Rd, N. Navajo Rd, W. Karause Pl, N. Seneca Rd, Marti Ct, E. Glencoe Pl, N. Malibu Dr, N. Regent Rd (south of Fairy Chasm), N. Rexleigh Dr, N. King Rd, N. Maitland Rd, E. Ellsworth Ln, E. Standish Pl, E. Fairy Chasm Rd)

  • April 5, 18
  • May 2, 16
  • June 6, 20
  • July 11, 25
  • August 8, 22
  • September 12, 26
  • October 10, 31
  • November 14

Quadrant 3: (E. Fairy Chasm Rd, N. Regent Rd (N. of Fairy Chasm), E. Laramie Ln, N. Thrush Ln, N. Pelham Pkwy, E. Bay Point Rd, E. Glenbrook Rd, N. Lake Dr (N. of Fairy Chasm), E. Donges Rd, E. Donges Ln, E. Ravine Ln, E. Crocker Pl)

  • April 6, 21
  • May 5, 19
  • June 9, 23
  • July 14, 28
  • August 11, 25
  • September 15, 29
  • October 13
  • November 3, 17

Quadrant 4: (E. Fairy Chasm Rd, E. Ellsworth Ln, E. Standish Pl, E. Glencoe Pl, N. Greenvale Ct, N. Pelham Pkwy, N. Greenvale Rd, E. Buttles Pl, N. Fielding Rd, E. Manor Cir, N. Lake Dr (S of Fairy Chasm), N. Meadowlark Ln, E. Hermitage Rd, N. Tennyson Dr, N. Bayside Dr, E. Brown Deer Rd)

  • April 7, 20
  • May 4, 18
  • June 8, 22
  • July 13, 27
  • August 10, 24
  • September 14, 28
  • October 12
  • November 3, 16