2010 State of the Village

You probably watched the State of the Union address, maybe heard about the State of the State address, and even read about the State of the County address.    Here is the annual State of your Village report.    


2010 provided a multitude of challenges, coupled with great opportunities for our community. Over the past five years, we have worked to provide useful, transparent information to exemplify the commitment to efficient, effective, high quality service to our residents.  


The Village continues to be guided by five strategic initiatives, which can be found within the report. These ideals, adopted by the Village Board of Trustees, help direct everyday operations. From financial policy initiatives to progressively looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, the Village is always striving to provide more for less. In 2010, Bayside was recognized by the International City/County Management Association as Sustainable Community of the Year (<10,000). While proud of our accomplishments, we are continually working to improve our ability to serve residents.  


Throughout the document you will find highlights from the past year, performance measurement data, benchmarks, and trending information that help establish management practices to meet the needs of the community over the long term. I am pleased to present this information and hope you find it practical and useful.  The entire document can be viewed at http://www.bayside-wi.gov/cm/pdfs/news/2010%20State%20of%20the%20Village.pdf. 

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