Bayside Buzz                 January 21, 2011 

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Winter Storm Clean-Up
OWI Taskforce
Winter Tree Trimming
Property Tax Payments
LX Club
U.S. Census Data

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Tip of the Week

Bayside finally has snow!  Utilize the Village's sled hill, just north of Village Hall.  Please park at the yard waste drop-off site off of Fairy Chasm Road.

Thought for the Week

"It always seems impossible until it is done.""


-Nelson Mandela

Destination 650 

This Week's Total:10.34

YTD Total: 36.30


You may be throwing away items that are recyclable and not even know it.  For more information on residential recycling, visit the WI DNR website.

Consolidated Dispatch Services

Progress towards consolidating dispatch services within the North Shore continued this week with the Bayside Village Board approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Thursday evening.  Currently, Glendale, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay pool resources for the Whitefish Bay-based center. Bayside, Fox Point and River Hills are dispatched from Bayside; and Brown Deer has its own center.  Under the new agreement, further consolidation would result within the North Shore.


Consolidating dispatch centers will result not only in a cost savings for each community, but the pooled resources will also result in enhanced services for all North Shore residents.  The other North Shore communities will consider the same agreement in the days and weeks ahead.  

Bayside Police to partcipate in OWI Taskforce

The next deployment of the Multi-Jurisdictional OWI Taskforce is scheduled for this Sunday, January 23.  Officers from various communities will be on the look-out for suspected drunken drivers between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am. 

Winter Tree Trimming
Beginning in early February, Village crews will be starting their winter tree trimming program.  Crews will be pruning and trimming trees in the right-of-ways to provide proper clearance for snow removal and refuse collection vehicles.  Crews will participate in a proper pruning/trimming course, which is instructed by a certified arborist from Milwaukee Area Technical College. 
Property Tax Payments

If you have not already paid your property taxes, the first installment or the full amount is due by January 31.  Payments can be made at the M&I Bank lobby in Fox Point, or at Village Hall.  Residents who are eligible for a refund will receive one immediately if paid at M&I Bank. 


To date, 62% of Milwaukee County and 89% of Ozaukee County property taxes have been paid.  If you have any questions regarding property tax payments, please contact Village Hall.

Winter Storm Clean-Up

Bayside received between 4-6 inches of new snow this week.  Village crews were out salting and plowing Monday afternoon into the evening, and completed clean-up on Tuesday.  In all, crews spent 58 man hours, approximately 28 tons of salt, and 75 gallons of diesel fuel during the clean-up efforts. 

LX Club: Upcoming Events

The LX Club will be hosting a number of events through the month of February.  The Village encourages all area seniors to participate in the LX Club's activities.

  • February 8: LX Movie Club - 1:00 pm
  • February 9: Nicolet High School Musical
  • February 11: Valentine's Day Party 12:00 pm
  • February 23: LX Movie Club - 1:00 pm

The LX Club offers many more activities and services for local senior citizens.  For more information on the LX Club contact Paul Kintz at (414) 351-6060.

U.S. Census Data Released

The apportionment data recently released provides the national population count and state level data only.  Within our three state region, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, it was determined that Wisconsin will maintain the same number of seats in the House of Representatives.  The population of the United States has grown 9.7%.  At this time, specific data for Bayside is not available.