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July 22, 2009

Well there has been quite a bit going on here at Get Your Justice Live, including more and more great guests and even more co-hosts/hosts that are being added the GYJL NEWS Network.

Tonight at 8PM on our live show, we have a very special guest, Kristine Cassidy of ICAUCUS, who has quite a bit of mounting experience with grassroots activism. I met her at the West Michigan Tea Party Rally on the 4th of July along with many other grassroots activists and loved her speech. Remember, we we not just a talk show but the only ACTION SHOW that exists not based on ratings but on involvement.

Kristine.Cassidy of ICAUCUS.ORGKristine Cassady is many things to many people; devoted wife, homeschool teacher, chef, nurse, and nurturer to her five children, along with being a friend, and daughter.  However, new roles have crept into her busy life, ones that have taken her quite by surprise, the roles of activist for her children's freedoms and crusader of responsible government.  Like many, Kristine was dismayed to read the news and see her children's hopes for future prosperity be replaced with debt and taxation.  Not one to sit around and complain, she looked for ways to make a difference. This led to her involvement with helping organize the Indianapolis Tax Day Tea Party, and subsequently, becoming involved with the Independence Caucus (whose mission is to replace 40% of the compromised incumbents in the 2010 elections, and has the proven track-record to achieve this goal).

During the Tea Party planning, it became evident to Kristine that a rally would need to be followed by concrete action, and this action would have to focus upon getting real representation back into our compromised government.  She started working closely with the Independence Caucus on any project they needed help with and was asked to be one of ten regional representatives to help organize the Independence Caucus throughout the 50 states, her region encompasses Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.  She is now devoted tirelessly to the cause of spreading the successful campaign strategies implemented by the founders of Independence Caucus when working with Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R-UT) to beat a 6-time incumbent with an all volunteer staff in the 2008 national elections.  To learn more, watch the videos that started her journey with ICaucus at their website:

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Get Your Justice Live expands with new hosts and new programming: Welcome Mary Cadei-Johnson ***UPDATE***

If you missed the Monday Evenings with Mary and Lary show (Mondays at 8PM EST) check out this newsletter announcing our newest co-host, Mary Cadei-Johnson from Texas. Watch our website for more information about these great episodes. Are you interested in joining the team with the most programming? Contact me, Lary Holland, at 517-325-3789.

Here is the link: Archived Newsletter

Mary Cadei JohnsonWe have three more hosts coming on that will be announced the first part of next week. Suffice it to say two of them are attorneys and a surprise set of offerings that are going to be released exclusively through the Get Your Justice Live News Network... The online news community powered by you. Just check out one of the sites here:
Parental Rights . Org Grassroots Team Members Join Get Your Justice Live ***ACTION ITEM UPDATE***

Jonathan Horton and Jason Heki joined Get Your Justice Live on Wednesday July 7, 2009 to discuss Parental Rights .ORG and some of the grassroots strategies that are occurring to move the Parental Rights Amendment bills through the Congress.

Listen to their interview here

Parental Rights . ORG

In order to pass the Parental Rights Amendment we need bipartisan support from those in Congress, and we are planning a Co-sponsor Drive for Tuesday, July 21, through Thursday, July 23. In this nationwide effort to get support for the Parental Rights Amendment, we will be calling all members of the U.S. House and Senate who are not already co-sponsors. If your U.S. Representative and Senators are not co-sponsors, we need you to call them during our three-day Co-sponsor Drive.
To view the list of current co-sponsors, go to www.ParentalRights.Org. To find contact information for your Representative and Senators, go to

During the three-day Co-sponsor Drive, please call their office(s) and urge them to co-sponsor H.J.Res. 42, the Parental Rights Amendment in the House (find your Representative by typing your zip code into the box here.) We are especially targeting Democrats, since so few of that party have agreed to co-sponsor the Amendment, and this is a bi-partisan issue that should resonate with ALL Americans. The Parental Rights Amendment was also introduced in the U.S. Senate this past May by Senator DeMint as S.J. Res. 16.

Americans for Prosperity on Get Your Justice Live June 17, 2009

Americans for Prosperity Guests Jack Hoogendyk and Scott Hagerstrom (Michigan Chapter) joined Get Your Justice Live on June 17, 2009. Listen to their interview here.

Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) are committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. The grassroots members of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.

Sheriff Richard Mack was on Get Your Justice Live

No Sheriff Left BehindSheriff Mack is taking a stand against big brother. We interviewed Sheriff Richard Mack on June 10th, 2009. To listen to his message you can tune in over here at Get Your Justice Live.

In 1994 Sheriff Mack filed a lawsuit challenging the Brady bill to stop the federal government from forcing another unfunded mandate down our throats.

Sheriff Mack won a decision at the US Supreme Court on the issue of States' rights. This suit catapulted me to national attention, with television appearances on the Donahue Show, Good Morning America, Crossfire, Nightline, CNBC, and SHOWTIME'S the AMERICAN CANDIDATE. He's been on over 500 radio talk shows nationwide, ranging from G. Gordon Liddy and Charles Goyette to Derry Brownfield and Pat Buchannan. Sheriff Mack has traveled the country extensively and he's seen first hand the horrible side effects from politicians who have replaced our Constitution with their own political agendas and party platforms.
This Year is the 100th Anniversary Day for Father's Day in America!

Fathers DayThis year is a very special Father's Day, and there hasn't been very many groups that have caught on to this fact, except one. The National Partnership for Community Leadership in Washington DC is Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Father's Day in America on Saturday June 20, 2009 at the Lincoln Memorial. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson was our special guest for Get Your Justice Live on June 3, 2009. You can listen to the shortened episode by following this link:
Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina Joins Get Your Justice Live
Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Mike Mastracci

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! Debra Medina is one of those brave souls! Texas Gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina joined Get Your Justice Live on May 20, 2009 to discuss her take on Parental Rights, Home Schooling and the fact that she wants to push back against the federal government's intrusion into State matters.

Mrs. Medina has been a tireless advocate of private property rights, gun ownership, individual responsibility and adherence to the Constitution. She has actively opposed big government, taxes, bailouts, mandatory vaccinations, the TTC and abortion.

I asked her who she thought Congressman Ron Paul would support in the Governor's Race next year and she replied "Congressman Paul is my Congressman" so I take that as a vote for her. Good Luck Debra Medina, we will be sure to keep people in touch with your campaign and hearing more about your progress in the Texas 2010 Gubernatorial Race!
Parental Rights Amendment Discussion Intensifies -We've been making calls!
Support Parental Rights.Org

The Parental Rights Amendment is an important discussion that is definitely intensifying, and you can be a part of this process.

Now with over 92 supporters in the United States Congress and growing, it is clear that Parental Rights are becoming an important political question. You can help, by checking either Congressman Hoekstra's site or Parental Rights.Org's site and see if your own Representatives are listed. If not, then it is time to turn up the heat and win their support and it starts with a simple phone call.

Listen to the last briefing that we simulcasted after our regular show on May 6th, 2009. We spent two hours collectively discussing Parental Rights!

The entire Home School Legal Defense Association Team and Parental Rights Dot Org should be commended for their efforts as well. Thank you to each and every one of the supporters that joined us too!

"Parental Rights Should Be Respected and Protected by All" -Lary Holland 2008
Support This Book in Every Community Library!

Stop Fighting Over The Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations
by Mike Mastracci by St. Gabriel's Press, LLC
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Our Price: $29.95
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Attorney Dean Schreyer, Children's Rights Advocate and Attorney Joins Get Your Justice Live on May 13, 2009
Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Mike MastracciDean Schreyer, an attorney out of San Diego isn't your average attorney. First off, he isn't a mother's rights attorney and he certainly isn't a father's right's attorney either. Well, we opened up asking him just what kind of attorney he was. He describes himself as a Children's Rights Advocate and Attorney and that parents don't have rights in the common sense, but rather the exclusive authority to exercise parental authority over the children and likewise that children have the exclusive right to receive that authority from their parents.

Take a listen at his perspective and tell us what you think!
POLICY ARGUMENT: Restoration of Parental Rights Post-Termination?

The Nationwide Blueprint for Title IV Reform website, a take-action website in connection with Get Your Justice Live, has a goal to raise awareness about a bill that was granted into law in Louisiana affecting Parental Rights. We are encouraging similar bills in all 50 states to allow for "Restoration of Parental Rights Post-Termination" in certain circumstances to reduce caseloads, protect children, and emphasize the parent-child relationship.

Want to join the project? You can help by joining our meetup group right now.

SAVE OUR KIDS Continues Every Tuesday Night at 8PM EST.
STOP Fighting Over the Kids!
Mike Mastracci, Esq. and Lary Holland bring (click to listen) a FREE six-week educational seminar to the public, mediators, psychologists, lawyers, and judges on "The Collaborative Law Practice." This is part of a six-week course that occurs live each Tuesday night at 8PM EST.

Visit here for overview of the FREE seminar:
Washington State Senator Pam Roach and former Georgia Senator Nancy Schafer join Get Your Justice Live in support of parental rights!
We were joined by two very special guests to discuss Child Protective Services and Parental Rights. Although these two notable figures live great distances apart, their noble goals are remarkably similar. Nancy Schaefer and Pam Roach made special appearances on Get Your Justice Live Wednesday April 29, 2009. A common theme that both leaders agreed on is that "CPS is Corrupt."
Follow the link above for information on the scathing report that was released by Nancy Schafer and also links to the Pam Roach Report!
To these two great leaders, I say thank you for standing up for the rights of your constituents and for parents everywhere. "Parental rights should be respected and protected by all!" - Lary Holland (2008)
Dr. Frederick Graves, Ph.D. on Get Your Justice Live.
Jurisdictionary is a course to educate your community about the court system!
Dr. Frederick Graves, JD. He's been an attorney since 1986, winning cases in state and federal courts by applying the same tools, tactics, and simple procedures explained in the popular step-by-step self-help course.

Dr. Graves started the Jurisdictionary(R) in 1997 to help people just like you and has much to say.

Listen to his interview and learn more about the Jurisdictionary!
MI Rep. Brian Calley to Protect Parent-Child Relationships **UPDATE**
Get Your Justice Live Host and Producer Lary Holland interviewed Michigan Representative Brian Calley (R-Portland) to discuss the introduction of a bill to protect parent-child relationships post divorce, legal separation, and during child custody proceedings. See the entire story.

If you are in Michigan and want to get a head start to the introduction of this bill to protect parent-child relationships, call your local Michigan Representative and let them know to join with Representative Calley on this important issue.

**UPDATE** On May 13, 2009 Get Your Justice Live recognized publicly Michigan Representative Brian Calley for his introduction of a bill to protect the parent child relationship. Find out more about our Michigan Award Program.
US Congressman Introduces HJR 42 in March 2009.
Get Your Justice Live Host and Producer Lary Holland interviewed Congressman Hoekstra (R-MI) to discuss the introduction of a Federal Parental Rights Amendment. You can listen and read more about why at our site.

It is important to note that Congressman Hoekstra appeared on both Bill O'reilly and Fox Newsroom with Megyn Kelly this past week. More critical information about the explosive growth of support for the Parental Rights Amendment under Joint Resolution 42 is on Parents Rights (.us) and Parental Rights (.org).
Eagle Forum President, Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum President joins Lary Holland on Get Your Justice Live during our interview with Congressman Hoekstra (R-MI) and sets the record straight about government intruding into our families. Phyllis Schlafly discussed the erosion of parental rights, the rogue judiciary that are taking away parental rights, and the role of the multi-issue lobbying organization model. Phyllis also discussed the issue of bad welfare policy destroying fatherhood.
Concerned Women for America
Wendy Wright joins with host Lary Holland on the popular online interactive talk show program, Get Your Justice Live to discuss important issues surrounding parental rights and the upcoming reintroduction of the Federal Parental Rights Amendment by Congressman Pete Hoekstra.(R-MI)

Wendy Wright is President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation's largest public policy women's organization. Miss Wright promotes legislation and international policies that are beneficial to women and families, briefs congressional and presidential staff on pro-family issues, and trains grassroots activists. She is frequently interviewed in national media on moral, social and political issues. Miss Wright was named among "The 100 Most Powerful Women of Washington" in 2006 by the Washingtonian Magazine. The National Pro-Life Religious Council awarded Wendy for her "continuous leadership in the cause of life."
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I know together we can make a difference for our children and their children, but it starts with being a good citizen. Being a good Citizen starts with engaging in the discussion of government policies affecting our well-being on a daily basis. That is what we are doing, engaging in the discussion every day! Spread the word.

I hope you enjoy our programming. You can help support us, by forwarding this message to your friends and family. Have questions? Call me at 517-325-3789.


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