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Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner
June 2012
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This month, the UJA-Federation of New York released the New York Jewish Community Study, 2011. Authored by Jacob B. Ukeles, Ron Miller, and myself, the study reveals a number of important findings:
  • The New York area Jewish community is growing 
  • Jewish poverty is increasing
  • The community is increasingly diverse
  • Both ends of the engagement continuum (the Orthodox and the unaffiliated) are growing 

Learn more about this study via the UJA-Federation of NY website... 



In order to place this report in a broader context, this month our Reader's Guide focuses on Greater New York. Here is a small sample of the publications featured in the full BJPA Reader's Guide to Greater New York:  


Jewish Near Poverty in New York City. David A. Grossman, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, Nova Institute, 2005

Social Services
Making Public Dollars More Effective: Strategies for Community-Based Senior Services in New York City. Jacob B. Ukeles, Sally Baker, Nancy Rankin, John K. Bainbridge, New York City Department for the Aging, Ukeles Associates, Inc., 1993

Jewish Communal Service

Education & Culture
Israel Studies in New York. Allan Arkush, AJS, 2008

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Prof. Steven M. Cohen

Director, Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner


Now at 14,000+ publications, and growing

Some of our latest additions:


Workmen's Circle / Arbeter Ring 2012 American Jews' Political Values Survey. Steven M. Cohen, Samuel Abrams. Workmen's Circle / Arbeter Ring, 2012


Sh'ma June 2012: Place and Art

Jewish Philanthropy: A Family Affair? LuAnne Tyzzer, HUC-JIR, 2012

We Have an Announcement: Communicating Organizational Change in the Nonprofit Sector. Leah Guskin, HUC-JIR, 2012

Empowerment and Internal Struggle: An Exploration of the Women's Tefillah Group Movement in Los Angeles. Elenna King, HUC-JIR, 2012

A Study of the Usefulness of Jewish History Knowledge in Jewish Communal Professions. Makenzie Means, HUC-JIR, 2012

Five Alternatives to the Federation Philanthropic Model. Matthew Lipton-Schwartz, HUC-JIR, 2012

Startups that Stop: Lessons for the Jewish Nonprofit World. Igor Khokhlov, HUC-JIR, 2012

An Exploration of Israel Education in URJ Summer Camps. Hannah Rubin-Schlansky, HUC-JIR, 2012

The Experience of Absorption Among Jewish Immigrant Populations in Israel: Ethiopian, Former Soviet Union, and North American Communities. Rachel Levin, HUC-JIR, 2012

JTeens of the iGeneration. Jessica Lebovits, HUC-JIR, 2012

Teaching Israel in Reform Congregational Schools. Amanda Greene, HUC-JIR, 2012


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From the J-Vault: What Do We Owe Peter Stuyvesant?J-Vault

"In 1652, Peter Stuyvesant, Governor of New Amsterdam, now New York, received a promise from the Jews who came to settle there that they (the Jews) would care for their own poor. Ever since then, the Jews of this country have prided themselves that this sacred promise which the first Jewish settlers in America made has never been broken."

From the J-Vault: What Do We Owe to Peter Stuyvesant?(1930)

Speaking at the National Conference of Jewish Social Service, I.M. Rubinow asked: "Have we made a promise? Just what kind of a promise did we make? Have we fulfilled the pledge? And is the promise still binding?"


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Jewish Population in the United States, 2011

World Jewish Population, 2010

2012 Jewish Values Survey  
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