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Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner
May 2012
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Zysman Hall (YU)
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Continuing the series on North American Jewish denominations which we began in February with the Reform Movement, and continued in April with the Conservative Movement, this month's Reader's Guide presents publications on Orthodox Judaism, with an introductory note by Prof. Samuel C. Heilman.

Here is a small sample of the publications featured in the full BJPA Reader's Guide to Orthodox Judaism: 




Sexuality & Orientation
Statement of Principles on the Place of Jews with a Homosexual Orientation in Our Community


New Conditions and Models of Authority: Changing Patterns Within Contemporary Orthodoxy (Steven Bayme)

Between Outreach and "Inreach": Redrawing The Lines of the American Orthodox Rabbinate (Adam S. Ferziger)


The Place of Orthodoxy in the State of Israel (Susan Weiss)

Modern Orthodoxy in Israel (Charles S. Liebman)

Institutions & Social Services
An Orthodox View of the Social Service Partnership (Moshe Krupka)
The Orthodox Union and Its Challenges: Interview with Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

Scandal & Abuse

Israeli and American Organizational Responses to Wife Abuse Among the Orthodox (Roberta Rosenberg Farber)
Confronting Abuse in the Orthodox Community (Yosef Blau)

Denominational Relations

Can Orthodoxy Share the Public Square? (Menachem Kellner)
Becoming Orthodox: The Story of a Denominational Label (Jeffrey C. Blutinger)  

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Prof. Steven M. Cohen

Director, Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner

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Now at 14,000 +  

This month, BJPA's collection of Jewish communal policy documents passed 14,000 publications.
Search them, browse them, submit your own, and enjoy.

Some of our latest additions:


Yiddish in the Former Soviet Union since 1959: A Statistical-Demographic Analysis. Mark Tolts, 2012

 A Social Capital Market for Israel: Report of the Working Group for Social Investment. Didi Lachman-Messer, Eldad Katz, Yad Hanadiv, 2012

Sh'ma May 2012: Claiming Torah.

 The Israeli Diaspora as a Catalyst for Jewish Peoplehood: An Emerging Opportunity Within the Changing Relationship Between Israel and the Jewish World. Reut Institute, 2012

 Facing the Charge of Racism: New Research on Jewish Student Identity. Aryeh K. Weinberg, Institute for Jewish and Community Research, 2012

 Reform and Conservative Congregations: Different Strengths, Different Challenges. Synagogue 3000, 2012


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From the J-Vault: Discrimination Against Shoah Survivors, and the Need for ZionismJ-Vault

"Never before in the history of social work has it been necessary to plan for so large a group of disturbed people."

J-Vault for Yom HaShoah:  The Psychology of Jewish Displaced Persons (1947)

"American Jewry today has little or no understanding of the Jewish Displaced Person. By and large, our ideas of the Jewish 'D.P.' are built up entirely on descriptions of horror and hunger portrayed by fund raising appeals or on the contrasting stories of 'black marketeering,' 'continual demanding,' and 'unwillingness to work' in blanket generalizations by newspapermen who often have interviewed some official who himself has little understanding of the Jewish Displaced Person or of what makes him act as he does." 
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New at North American Jewish Databank

JDB 2012 Jewish Values Survey

ADL 2011 Poll on Anti-Semitism

2010 Survey of Reform and Conservative Congregations

2011 Greater Cleveland Jewish Population Study

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