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  • December 2014 | Jews & Crime
  • Reader's Guide: Jews & Crime
    Guest Introduction: Prof. Robert A. Rockaway
  • November 2014 | GA Resource Guide
  • Resource Guide to the 2014 General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)
  • October 2014 | Peace
  • Reader's Guide: Peace
    (the second in a two part War & Peace series)
    Guest Introduction: Naomi Chazan
  • September 2014 | War
  • Reader's Guide: War
    (the first in a two part War & Peace series)
    Guest Introduction: Prof. Deborah Dash Moore
    New: Speeches by Jack Ukeles
    New policy paper: What Is To Be Done? Policy Responses to the Shrinking Jewish Middle
  • July 2014 | Year (2013) in Social Research
  • Reader's Guide in cooperation with the Journal of Jewish Sociology
  • June 2014 | Israel Education
  • Reader's Guide: Israel Education
    Guest Introduction: Barry Chazan
  • May 2014 | Immersive & Experiential Education
  • Reader's Guide: Immersive & Experiential Education
    Guest Introduction: Lee Shulman
    Community Announcement: The Harold M. Schulweis Institute
  • April 2014 | Shoah Survivors
  • Reader's Guide: Shoah Survivors
    Guest Introduction: Menachem Z. Rosensaft
  • March 2014 | Conversion
  • Reader's Guide: Conversion to Judaism
    Guest Introduction: Sylvia Barack Fishman
    Video: Knowledge to Action
  • Feb 2014 | Before Pew
  • Reader's Guide: Before Pew: Debating the Future of US Jews in Earlier Times
    Guest introduction: Prof. Shaul Kelner
  • December 2013 | AJS 2013
  • Resource Guide to the 2013 Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS)
  • November 2013 | GA 2013
  • Resource Guide to the 2013 General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)
    BJPA passes 18,000 publications
    Mazal tov to Bill Berman on AAAS induction
  • October 2013 | Aging & Elders
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Aging & Elders
    Guest introduction by Rabbi Marion Lev Cohen
  • August 2013 | Christian-Jewish Relations
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Christian-Jewish Relations
    J-Vault: Henry Ford's Apology to the Jews
  • July 2013 | The Leibel Fein Papers
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Leibel Fein Collection
    Introducing the Jewish Survey Question Bank (JSQB)
    BJPA passes 17,000 publications
    New DataBank website co-functional with BJPA
  • June 2013 | Year (2012) in Social Research
  • Year in Social Research on Jews & Jewish Life: 2012
    North American Jewish Data Bank Prepares to Move to JFNA
    Bill Berman Inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • May 2013 | Jerusalem
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Jerusalem
    J-Vault: Peoplehood & Pluralism 100 Years Ago
  • April 2013 | Environmental Issues
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Environmental Issues
    Physical publications available from AJC library
  • March 2013 | Economic Justice
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Economic Justice
    Physical publications available from AJC library
  • February 2013 | Black History Month
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Black History Month
    Physical publications available from AJC library
  • January 2013 | Synagogues & Kehillot
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Synagogues & Kehillot
    New on BJPA: Ma'yan Journey
  • December 2012 | Secular Jews & Secular Judaism | The December Dilemma
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Secular Jews & Secular Judaism (with special section on the December Dilemma)
    Milestone: 15,000 Publications
    J-Vault: On the "Native Shrewdness" of Jewish Hoboes
  • November 2012 | JFNA General Assembly 2012
  • Guest Introduction: Bill Berman
    BJPA Resource Guide to the 2012 GA
  • September 2012 | Jewish Politics
  • Guest Introduction: J.J. Goldberg
    BJPA Reader's Guide: Jewish Politics
    New on BJPA: Research and reports on Israelis abroad by Lilach Lev Arie
    Blog: Politics & Scripture
  • August 2012 | Jewish Text
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Jewish Text
    New on BJPA: Research from the Rappaport Center
    J-Vault: How to Translate the Bible
  • July 2012 | Reconstructionism, Renewal, & Other
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Reconstructionism, Renwewal, and Other Religious Identities
    New Publication: Southern Jewish History
    J-Vault: Empowered Judaism, 1956 Edition
  • June 2012 | New York
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: New York
    J-Vault: What Do We Owe Peter Stuyvesant?
  • May 2012 | Orthodox Judaism
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Orthodox Judaism
    Podcast: Dual Language Public Schools
    J-Vault: "Discrimination Against Shoah Survivors, and the Need for Zionism"
    BJPA now at 14,000+ publications
  • April 2012 | Conservative Judaism
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Conservative Judaism
    Video: Prof. Erica Foldy on Workplace Diversity
    J-Vault: "in his own language"
  • March 2012 | Jewish Languages
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Jewish Languages
    Event: Dual Language Public Schools (3/26/12)
    Special Reader's Guide: Iran
  • February 2012 | Reform Judaism
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Reform Judaism
    Event: Dual Language Public Schools (3/26/12)
    J-Vault for Black History Month
  • January 2012 | Jewish College Students
  • BJPA Reader's Guide: Jewish College Students
    Paula Hyman z"l
    J-Vault: A Census of Jewish College Students
  • December 2011 | Intermarriage
  • Letter from Steven: Intermarriage
    Podcast: Jewish Values, Jewish Interests (with Prof. Ruth Wisse and Rabbi Joy Levitt)
    J-Vault: Why Do Jews Cluster in Certain Jobs?
  • November 2011 | Marriage & Divorce
  • Letter from Steven: Marriage & Divorce
    Video: Prof. David Elcott on Faith in Academia
    Event: Jewish Values, Jewish Interests (12/5/11)
    J-Vault: Sunday Laws
  • October 2011 | Jewish Philanthropy
  • Letter from Steven: Jewish Philanthropy
    Video: Prof. David Elcott on Interfaith and Interethnic Coalition Building
    J-Vault: Who Will Rest and Who Will Wander
    Event: Brandeis to Host Socio-Demography Conference
  • September 2011 | Remembering September 11
  • Letter from Steven: Remembering September 11
    Video: Prof. Rogan Kersh on AIPAC and J Street
    J-Vault: Sharing the World with "the Mongolian, the Negro and the Hindoo"
  • August 2011 | Jewish Population
  • Letter from Steven: Jewish Population
    New Feature: User Upload
    J-Vault: When Government Cuts Social Services
  • July 2011 | Jewish Service
  • Letter from Steven: Jewish Service
    Complete Sh'ma Collection
    J-Vault: Censorship & Sensitivity
  • June 2011 | Jewish Camping
  • Letter from Steven: Jewish Camping
    Complete Sh'ma Collection
    J-Vault: 41,000 Glasses of Milk
  • May 2011 | Jewish Poverty
  • Letter from Steven: Jewish Poverty
    J-Vault: An American Zionist Vision From 1948
    Video: Dr. Micha Goodman: We Need a Passionate Middle Ground
    Event: Conference on Judaism 2030, by the Jewish Outreach Institute, May 23-24 in New York City
  • April 2011 | Abuse in the Jewish Community
  • Letter from Steven: Abuse in the Jewish Community
    JVault: Jewish Language and Culture in Public Schools (1916)
    YouTube: R. Yitz Greenberg: Jewish Youth Should Commit to a Year of Service
    Event: Conference on Judaism 2030, by the Jewish Outreach Institute, May 23-24 in New York City
  • March 2011 | Jews and the Labor Movement
  • Letter from Steven: Jews and the Labor Movement
    Featured: PLO Ambassador to Washington speaks at the BJPA
    YouTube - Cohen's Comments on the Gender Salary Gap
  • February 2011 | Debbie Friedman z'l
  • Letter from Steven: In Memory of Debbie Friedman z'l
    Featured: YouTube - Cohen's Comments on Birthright Israel and JStreet
  • January 2011 | Changing the Jewish Workplace
  • Letter from Steven: Changing the Jewish Workplace
    Featured: Collected Speeches of Charles Liebman
    Podcast: Textual Ecstasy and Spiritual Struggle: Serving the Soul of the Practicing Rabbi
  • November 2010 | LGBT Issues
  • Letter from Steven: LGBT Issues
    Featured Report: Profiling the Professionals
  • October 2010 | The Jewish Press
  • Letter from Steven: The Jewish Press
    Featured Topic: Breast Cancer and the Jewish Community
  • September 2010 | Jewish-Muslim Relations
  • Letter from Steven: Jewish-Muslim Relations
    Featured Report: Interrogating Jewish Peoplehood: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Upcoming Event: Baby Boomers, Public Service, and Minority Communities: A Case Study of the Jewish Community in the United States
  • July 2010 | American Jewish Immigration
  • Letter from Steven: American Jewish Immigration
    New Report: First Annual Report to The AVI CHAI Foundation on the Progress of its Decision to Spend Down
    Featured Author: Deborah Dash Moore
  • June 2010 | Attitudes Towards Israel
  • Letter from Steven: American Jews' attitudes towards Israel
    New Report: Baby Boomers, Public Service, and Minority Communities
  • May 2010 | Conversion
  • Letter from Steven: Conversion and Jews by choice
    Featured Report: Tanakh Standards and Benchmarks Project
    Featured Author: Isa Aron
  • April 2010 | Special Needs
  • Letter from Steven: Responding to special needs in our communities
    Featured Topic: Israel-Diaspora Relations
    Featured Author: Paul Ritterband, z''l
  • March 2010 | Women in the Jewish Professional World
  • Letter from Steven: Women in the Jewish professional world, past and present
    Featured Report: Sex and the Seminary
    Featured Author: Sylvia Barack Fishman
  • January 2010
  • Letter from Steven: Event with Adam Gamoran on Measuring the Impact of Educational Programs
    Spotlight Issue: Leadership
    Featured Author: Shifra Bronznick
  • December 2009
  • Letter from Steven: Introduction and report on our official inaugural events
    Spotlight Issue: World AIDS Day
    Featured Author: John Ruskay

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