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October 2011 - Vol 2 Issue 4
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The Philadelphia Foundation Provides Free Subscriptions to PA Foundations Online for Small Non-Profits

PA Foundations Online is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Philadelphia Foundation. In July, The Philadelphia Foundation sponsored full year subscriptions to the PA Foundations Online searchable database for 28 non-profit organizations with very limited budgets. Recognizing the value that PA Foundations Online offers to non-profits, the Foundation created another opportunity to support the fundraising capacity of smaller nonprofits in the foundation's service area.


PA Foundations Online is a searchable database of 2,200 foundations that make grants to PA nonprofit organizations. PA Foundations Online offers the most recent information available about funders. The comprehensive foundation profiles contain all the information needed to submit a grant proposal, including a complete listing of prior years of grants (a feature that is unique to PA Foundations Online). You can explore the site at http://www.pafoundations.net.


An additional benefit the non-profits received is a free workshop on grant research and writing by Corrine Sylvia, CFRE, of PA Foundations Online. "PA Foundations Online is a very powerful, yet easy to use research tool," Corrine commented. "The workshop gave our new subscribers opportunities to ask questions, hone their research skills, and learn strategies and techniques for preparing successful proposals."


PA Foundations Online will be reaching out to other Community Foundations throughout Pennsylvania to discuss the needs of non-profits in their areas, and to hopefully establish similar collaborations to assist organizations with limited resources. If your organization could benefit from a free subscription to PA Foundations Online, please contact your local Community Foundation and ask them to consider partnering with us.

Smile Corner -- How to Ensure Your Board Doesn't do their Job!


Successfully working with a Board of Directors is a significant aspect of managing a non-profit organization. Some boards are policy-making boards that provide broad oversight, others are very hands-on and perform tasks often done by staff, and others are in- between. Board roles vary depending on a variety issues, some pertaining to the organization and some concerning individual members and their understanding of what a board member's job really is.


We thought we'd have some fun with this - so, here are a few sure-fire, time-tested strategies for board members to help guarantee they won't do their jobs.


1. Refuse to help with fund raising - after all, that's the staff's job. Be especially firm about not being willing to ask for money.

2. Micromanage the staff and obsess about things like logos and the photos on the website. That's what's really important.  

3. If you don't understand the financial statements that are presented at board meetings, don't worry about it, and be sure not to ask questions. Leave the financial part to the Treasurer and the staff -- after all, that's their job, not yours.

4. Don't bother reading the materials that are sent prior to board meetings; scanning through them during the meeting is enough.

5. Make major organizational decisions without consulting or including the Executive Director - after all, the Board runs the organization, right?


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