New Grant Guidelines!!
April 2011 - Vol 2 Issue 2
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New Guidelines from Genuardi Family Foundation and Bard Foundation
Winning Annual Appeals
Quick Tips for Grant Rejections
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Our team of development experts are sharing new fund raising tips with you, along with the latest in information from Pennsylvania Foundations Online and how to maximize your grantseeking efforts.  

New Guidelines for Genuardi Family Foundation and Bard Foundation

The Genuardi Family Foundation recently released revised grantmaking priorities and processes.  The Foundation is now focused on making grants in four strategic areas:

1) The unity, health and well-being of families;

2)  Improve access to basic services for the most vulnerable in our communities;

3)  Prepare children, youth and adults for success in their schools, in the workplace and in their communities; and

4)  Invest in systems and sustainable change efforts to break the cycles of poverty and vulnerability, and build toward a better future for all people.


Letters of intent may be submitted on-line between June 1-30, 2011 for general operating and program support grants for organizations in Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks Counties. 


The Bard Foundation focuses on making grants in northern Chester County, with an emphasis on the Spring City and Royersford areas.  The deadline is May 31, 2011.

Proposals should be sent to:

The Agnes C. and Robert L. Bard Foundation

c/o R. Russell, AIM# 193-0337

BNY Mellon

P.O. Box 7899

Philadelphia, PA 19101-7899


For complete information about these two foundations, and 2,200 other foundations making grants in Pennsylvania, consult PA Foundations Online!

Easy Steps for Improving your Annual Appeal


Check out our new "Profitable Ideas for Non-Profits" radio show!


Click here for our newest show, "Making Your Annual Appeal Work for You," which contains step by step hints and suggestions for how to implement an annual appeal that will produce results. 

The show includes tips about:

*How to write a strong, compelling letter 

*How to segment your mailing list, thus raising more money

*The role the annual appeal plays in your overall development program, and how to make it "work" for you,

*And much, much more! 


Learn from the experts easy steps you can take to create winning appeals!

Quick Tips for Grant Rejections


Here are a few sure-fire, time-tested strategies for ensuring your grant proposals will NOT be funded. 


  • Prepare your proposal using 1/2" margins, a 9 pitch font, with no breaks or section headers.
  • Repeatedly say that your project is unique, but don't give any data or facts to back this up.
  • Hide the grant request amount at the bottom of the proposal so the reader has to search for it.  Better yet, ask for one amount in the cover letter and a different amount in the narrative.
  • Make sure your budget numbers don't add up correctly, and to make this even more effective, make sure they don't match the numbers in the narrative of the proposal.
  • Use acronyms and be sure not to explain what they mean.  

We'd like to hear from you!  Please send us other tips and strategies you've discovered.  And keep on smiling!

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