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February-March 2011 - Vol 2 Issue 1
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New BNY Mellon Guidelines
All About Community Foundations and Capital Campaigns
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NY Mellon Announces New Giving Guidelines

BNY Mellon Mid-Atlantic Charitable Trusts recently announced changes to its guidelines for the following Charitable Trusts: 

      Helen D. Groome Beatty Trust

      Esther Gowen Hood Trust

      Maria Dickinson Logan Trust

      Albert B. Millett Memorial Fund

      Rae S. Uber Trust


The following focus areas reflect their new giving priorities:


1) Basic Needs Provisions for Low-Income Individuals (letter of inquiry deadline is 3/31/11).  This includes programs providing shelter, food assistance, clothing, heat/energy assistance and basic health care for low-income individuals, families and seniors.   

2) Programs to benefit the Blind and Sight Impaired (letter of inquiry deadline is 6/30/11).  A variety of programs are considered within this priority, except medical research and guide dog programs.

3) Workforce Development Programs (letter of inquiry deadline is 12/31/11).  These programs provide youth and adults with access to training and education that lead to career development, advancement and self-sufficiency.    


Contacts are:  Barbara Buckman, Chairperson, BNY Mellon Mid-Atlantic Charitable Trusts at 610-254-1179 or

Yolanda Danean Arnold, Regional Charitable Program Coordinator at 215-553-3389.  

The mailing address is:  1735 Market Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA  19103.

The Inside Scoop About Community Foundations, Building a Strong Non-Profit Board of Directors, and Capital Campaigns  


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