Successful Proposal Strategies & Tips
December 2010 - Vol 1 Issue 4
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Two New Radio Shows
Maintaining a Supply of Proposal Attachments
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Welcome to Pennsylvania Foundations Online e-newsletter.   
Our team of development experts are sharing new fund raising tips with you, along with the latest in information from Pennsylvania Foundations Online and how to maximize your grantseeking efforts.  

Two New Radio Shows Available Now!  

Two more installments of our radio show, "Profitable Ideas for Non-Profits," are available now! 


This monthly show features lively discussions and interviews about topics that are critically important for non-profit executives, managers, development staffs and board members. 


Click here for our second show, which features information about how to obtain funding for general operations by grouping line-item expenses into programs, and guidelines for effective styles of writing for grant proposals.  Learn how to write a compelling proposal, strategies to avoid confusing professional jargon, and techniques for communicating your organization's mission clearly and concisely. 


Click here for our third show, which outlines the basic components of a successful grant proposal, how to write effective cover letters and use them strategically, and what kinds of attachments should accompany your proposal.  In less than 30 minutes you can hone your skills, learn new tips used by professionals, and get an insider's look into the world of grantmaking.


Corrine Sylvia and Connie Carter of PA Foundations Online host the show; Sylvia and Carter are fund raising professionals with decades of experience to share.


Maintaining a Supply of Proposal Attachments


Have you ever been preparing a funding proposal at the last minute, and you go to make a copy of the audit to be included with the proposal, and the copier breaks down?  Or a funder asks for your IRS form for an on-line application, and your scanner won't work?  You can avoid this scenario by keeping an inventory of paper copies and electronic versions of the typically required attachments. 


These attachments generally include:  last 3 years of audits and IRS form 990s; current fiscal year operating budget; 501(c)(3) form; certificate of registration with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations; informational brochure; and Board of Directors list.  You could also add news clippings, biographical information about key staff, and your organization's Articles of Incorporation, which are sometimes requested.  Remember, too, that your IRS 990 forms are available at Guidestar and can be easily downloaded and saved.

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