Raising Money in a Tough Economy
September 2010 - Vol 1 Issue 3
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Our New Radio Show: "Profitable Ideas for Non-Profits"
Raising Money in a Tough Economy
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Our New Radio Show:  "Profitable Ideas for Non-Profits"
We are proud to announce the launching of our new radio show, "Profitable Ideas for Non-Profits", on BrandywineRadio.com.  This monthly show features discussions and interviews about topics that are critically important for non-profit executives, managers, development staffs and board members. 

September's topics concern how to research and identify foundations to support your organization and how to develop productive relationships with foundation staffs and directors.

Corrine Sylvia and Connie Carter of PA Foundations Online host the show; Sylvia and Carter are fund raising professionals with decades of experience to share.
Topics for October's show are:  how to obtain funding for general operations through foundation grants, and effective grant writing styles and strategies.  
Just click here to listen to the show.
Raising Money in a Tough Economy
We all know the tough economy is making fund raising more difficult.  Foundations and corporations have less money to give away, and many individuals are feeling the pinch and cutting back their giving.  American philanthropy may be tightening its belt, but people are still giving generously to non-profits they care about, and foundations are still making grants.  Here are a few tips to help weather this storm: 
1)  Focus on nurturing the donor relationships you currently have.  Stay in touch with your donors, via e-mails, mailings that aren't solicitations, and the telephone.  Calling donors simply to thank them for a gift, or to let them know about a recent accomplishment at your organization will help to keep them involved.

2)  Thank donors promptly, ideally within one or two days, and add a personal phone call.  This is an excellent way to enlist the participation of your Board members and other volunteers, especially if they are uncomfortable about asking for money.  Ask your donors why they chose to give to your organization, and thank them sincerely.

3) Develop relationships with decision makers at foundations and corporations. The more a decision maker knows about your organization, the more likely they will be to support you.  

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