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Make a Difference! 


Dear Parents, 


As we sit in our warm homes during another snow day, we might not stop and think of the thousands of homeless who are on the streets at this time of year. 


The Diocese of Providence recently opened The Emmanuel House homeless shelter. Since it's opening in early December, the shelter has been overflowing. The Emmanuel House has been featured on WJAR-10 News as they add beds. They have asked members of the community to donate items for it's everyday operations.  The facility was established as a "sleep shelter only", with no food provided. But with the dangerously cold weather they have been open, sometimes around the clock, as a safe haven for homeless families and individuals. Warm beverages and simple snacks can go along way. 


The children of St. Peter School can make a big difference!


What can we do? As you pack your lunch this week, include an extra snack. When you arrive at school, the snacks will be collected in a box in the lobby.


What should I donate? Individual snack packs, bags of chips, pretzels, granola bars, rice crispy treats, pudding cups, juice boxes and hot chocolate.


What will happen next? At the end of the week, the snacks will be brought to The Emmanuel House by representatives of St. Peter School.





Mrs. Joan Sickinger

Principal, St. Peter School