April 18, 2009
Volume Two, Number Four
A View from the Bridge
Purple Flower Greetings!,

"The invitation is to greet everything - to greet all our eyes see, with all our heart - to give thanks for everything that comes to us." Alverto Taxo:  Entering the Wisdom of the Condor.

Why do we focus on what is wrong with the world - with our lives?  Yes, there are things that are hard, things that we would like to change - but, we all know "the secret" that our thoughts manifest - that what we focus on persists - so, why do we continue to put our attention on what is wrong?

What if, instead, we paid more attention to what is working?  What if we amplified that?  Meditation takes us there.  Focus on the body, the breath, quiet the mind - and our higher self can speak to us.  But, why not take it further?  This is the invitation of the wisdom keepers of the ancient cultures.  The invitation is to focus on and celebrate everything in life. This meditation is what we do as we take each step on our earth walk.  Instead of working to escape the illusion of the physical world, we embrace it and celebrate each moment, each thing that comes into our awareness - as a gift.  

There is a story about a sage who wakes up and wonders if he is a man dreaming a butterfly or - perhaps - a butterfly dreaming a man.  We can ponder the mystery and deep truth of this - or we can wake up to the dream and begin to consciously dream the most beautiful dream we can imagine.  What if the current "nightmare" aspects of life can be transformed into a beautiful dream?  What would it take?

To begin to dream a better world - a better life - the first step is to wake up in our conscious mind.  An awakened consciousness is aware of the moment and is able to shine its light - to illuminate - what it chooses.  This ability to choose is what makes us human.  As far as we know, human beings are the only life forms on earth that possess this type of consciousness.  But, how are we using it?

Unfortunately, most of the time, we are asleep - not only at night - but during the day as well.  We think we are awake, but we are sleepwalking.  We act automatically; we think automatically, we re-act to situations and people.  This is what creates the repetitive nightmare.  This is what keeps us stuck.  

Sages have always known this.  Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand," Ghandi said, "Be the change!"  Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream."  Each of us can real-ize the truth of this wisdom, but it takes effort and it takes practice.  It is easy to get discouraged when our dreams do not manifest quickly or in the way we expect.  As we practice, we remove layers of unconscious programming that have been laid down over generations of human development.  As we make the effort to use every minute of our time to feel gratitude and appreciation, we begin to attract positive experiences and outcomes.  As we transcend our unconscious programming, we can step into our power and begin to co-create a new dream for ourselves and for the planet.

The time is now!  The hundredth monkey has peeled the banana.  Celebrate everything!  See the beauty around you.  Focus on what you want to become - how you want the world to be.  Once you have truly come to appreciate the gift of life, you will be ready to dream a sacred dream - a dream that will transcend selfish, personal gain to create a world that reflects the truth that we are all connected in a beautiful web of life.  Our life in this world is the only dream in town - let's make it work for us!
Blessings and light,
Sylvia Golbin
Sylvia Golbin
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