October 15, 2008
Volume One, Number One
A View from the Bridge
MonkeyDear Friend,

"We must act now in this tumultuous time to shape the future, or else all that is good will be lost forever."  Hanuman, Steward of the Monkey Forest Temple (photo courtesy of Quinn Miller-Bedel)

In this time of change, what is our role?  The myths of the past focus on an individual hero with superpowers that enable (usually him - rarely her) to shift the balance of power miraculously.

In fact, history is a litany of the struggle for power.  This struggle depends on one thing:  fear.  Whether it is terrorism or communism - disease or poverty - genocide or religious intolerance - consumerism or workaholism - the effect is to keep the average person terrified, stupefied or just plain fried.  Throughout history, the power structure has not changed much.  We like to think that we have evolved from slaves and masters to serfs and nobles to blue collar and white collar - but has anything really changed other than the costumes?

We live in fast times.  Radio, television and, now, the internet have connected us mentally.  The potential is for evolutionary change or total control.  Unlike television, the internet can be used by individuals as well as the power structure.  This is a radical departure.  Information can now flow freely.  We have a window of opportunity.

Can we overcome centuries of fear and mis-information and realize that we are each a divine spark in the universe with the power and the duty to change ourselves and our social structure?  Can we heal our bodies, our minds and our souls?  The truth is that we can.  The question is whether we will. 

To accomplish this transformation - this saving of our world - we need a new myth.  We need to change our beliefs and our actions.  This is not the work of any individual.  We are all connected and - once we realize this and act accordingly - we will shift ourselves and the human species will evolve to create something approaching the paradise from which we have been mythically expelled.  Our new myth needs to replace the love of power with the power of love.  Can we do it?

Sylvia Golbin
Sylvia Golbin
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