Tired of trying to fit into society's mold of religion? Following someone else's path to spiritual enlightenment? Efforts to do this have left most of us feeling like we are sitting alone in the dark. The Weekly Eureka invites you to flip on a light switch - ask the questions - question the answers and join others on the journey to the most important discovery of all - that of your true self.

Most world religions are consumed with finding immortality, inheriting eternal life or ascending to infinite existence (or consciousness).  Ironically, much of religious thought subtly leads people who are seeking endlessness directly toward ending - or conclusions.  The Need to be Right has stymied many religions, and a myriad of religious followers, on their quest for truth.  Do we achieve endlessness by succumbing to conclusiveness?  Why are so many seeking endlessness by way of ending?  Although many religions help raise our awareness of the Infinite Source of life, they may fail to awaken us to the idea that if we all flowed from an Infinite Source - then we too, as offspring of an Infinite Source, are endless. 
Conclusions can be devastating to the soul seeking to uncover its Infinite nature.  And, religious conclusions can inflict deep wounds to those who find themselves outside of the lines drawn as a result of these conclusions.  Conclusion leads to exclusion.   Our Creator knew us in our pre-incarnate form (Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you... Jeremiah 1:5).  Our Source knew us in our skinless, sinless, endless form.  Our pre-incarnate self was not burdened with time, but endowed with eternity.  Time, and according to the Buddha, suffering conditions us to carry forms, labels and definitions that ultimately support ending.  Labels such as young or old, white or black, male or female, Jewish or Muslim, Christian or Atheist, Gay or Straight - only exist in time, the temporary space that rests between birth and death - but not in eternity.  In the words of Soren Kierkegaard - Once you label me, you negate me.
When we choose to accept these temporal labels we are condemned to, and conditioned by, time - and we remain distant from the Eternal Self, Unending Life, God.  When we refuse ending, cease from concluding and celebrate the joy of holding all theological and ideological thoughts with a tentative confidence, our mortal decides to put on immortality, our perishable becomes clothed with imperishable and we beautifully awaken to the eternal internal flow of Divine Endlessness.

Quote of the Week

"It takes a lifetime to become young."
- Pablo Picasso 

Until next week, remember... Truth is a Journey - Not a Destination!
D.E. Paulk
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