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Bio-Trek Footwear at the 2011 Balloon Fiesta

Bio-Trek Footwear at the 2011 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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Minimalist Footwear vs. Maximum Comfort 


Last year it was "toning" shoes with unstable rockers that were all the rage ... until lawsuits started taking aim at their unsubstantiated claims.


Vibram Five Fingers

Lately, another industry trend that's generating a lot of buzz is "minimalist" or "barefoot" footwear like the Vibram Five Fingers® footgear shown here. They're currently considered the leader in this category, though many other prominent brands like Nike, Teva and Keen are starting to jump on the bandwagon.


Less is More?

Proponents of minimalist shoes argue that going barefoot, or barely covering the feet, is the most biomechanically natural way to go. And that may have been true when humans were hunter/gatherers on the African savannah. But what about modern men and women who spend most of their lives working and walking on concrete and pavement?


Support + Cushioning = Pain Relief Footwear

Z-CoiL shoe componentsIn concept, both Z-CoiL and Bio-Trek footwear are diametrically opposed to minimalism. Engineered as "pain relief footwear," these brands instead provide wearers with maximum support and shock-absorption to reduce, and even help prevent pain and injury to our feet, joints, and backs.


Al Gallegos, the inventor of Z-CoiL shoes and a long-time runner, suggests that minimalist shoes may have a role to play in water sports, or as boating shoes, but shouldn't be used as running gear. "One of the most efficient forms of running is landing on the heel," Al says, "and if you attempt that with a minimalist shoe, you would not last very long on the road."


Considering that Al is still running at 80 years of age, he may know something about going the distance in the right sorts of shoes! (He's shown here competing in the 2011 Senior Games wearing prototype Bio-Trek footwear.)


Read Z-CoiL testimonials from runners

Performing at Her Best 

"We are now back from the Huntsman World Senior Games that were held in St. George, Utah.  It was a great experience with over 10,000 athletes competing in scores of events. My Z-CoiL shoes allowed me to compete at my best. I gave it my all and took the Bronze in the 5K for my age group."  -- Belva W.  

 Belva W. running in Z-CoiL shoes



Staying On Duty in Z-Duty Boots


Z-Duty boots from Z-CoiLI am a correctional officer for the NC DOC. Our shifts are 12 hours long and most of that time is spent on our feet on concrete. When I worked a three-day stretch, my heels would feel just like two nails were being driven into them and my knees had started to ache and I would have occasional back stiffness. I tried all kinds of insoles in my 5.11's duty boots, I bought Rocky's duty shoes, NB 926's and Rockport Prowalker, none of which really relieved my pain.

I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL Z-Duty boots after my nephew had tried a pair at his new warehouse job and recommended I try them. It was a great improvement immediately, and after 3 weeks I am very impressed. I believe my feet and heels actually healed during that time. I now work the three-day, 12-hour shifts and my feet feel as good at the end of the third night as they did at the beginning of the first morning. They draw plenty of comments and remarks, but when I go home with my feet, heels, legs and back feeling good after 12 hours of pounding the concrete, I don't really care what anyone says. 

I have since purchased a pair of Z-Walkers with the slip-resistant soles for casual wear and I hope to soon add more to my wardrobe. My wife now has the Freedoms in black and a pair of the blue and white. It's hard to believe the difference these boots and shoes have made. I have and will recommend them to anyone who inquires. My only complaint is that I have to remove them at my job to go through the metal detector, but a minute of inconvenience is worth hours of pain free walking and standing.


Thanks, Z-CoiL.  


Lloyd D. - Statesville, NC


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During that crazy shopping weekend that follows Thanksgiving (Friday, November 25th through Monday the 28th), check with your local Z-CoiL store or our online store for some mind-blowing deals on selected footwear!
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