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A Friendly Rivalry 

Andres Gallegos holding a Bio-Trek shoe
Andres Gallegos, the son of Z-CoiL inventor Al Gallegos, has just brought a new line of pain-relief shoes to market. He sees 
Bio-Trek footwear as a revolutionary kind of "hybrid" shoe that combines cushioning, support and style to help people "Go Farther" on their feet. Check out all 8 styles for men and women at
Toning Shoes Fined for Making False Claims

Reebok just learned an expensive lesson about making inflated product claims: they're preparing to settle a class-action lawsuit against their EasyTone shoes. Other so-called "toning" shoe makers may not be far behind. Do you qualify for a share of the $25 million settlement?

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For NEW MEXICO Residents ONLY 

Z-Tech, Inc. dba Z-CoiL Footwear

2,500,000 shares of Common Stock are now being offered at $1.00 per share, only  to residents of the state of New Mexico. 
Click here for more information, or contact Shareholder Relations at 
(505) 345-2222


Note that this announcement does not constitute an offer to sell, nor a solicitation to purchase shares in Z-Tech, Inc. Any such offer must be made through the official Offering Circular.   


Z-Trek II from Z-CoiLFall-ing Z-Trek Prices


As low as $159.00 at participating stores!


It's not often that top-selling Z-CoiL styles like this go on sale, but we are living in interesting times! From now through November 30, 2011, you can snag a pair of Z-Trek light hikers for only $159.00 at a participating store near you or for $169.00 through our online store.


The Z-Trek II features the same pain-relieving and energy-infusing techology that all Z-CoiL shoes share:

  • A shock-absorbing coil that puts a spring in your step
  • Super-resilient cushioning at the forefoot
  • Firm orthotic support that distributes pressure evenly across your foot and helps you stand straighter
  • A rocker sole and built-in flex line at the ball of your foot that give you a smooth, rolling gait 

And they look amazing, in brown nubuck leather and breathable nylon mesh with aged brass accents.


The Z-Trek II from Z-CoiL 

So don't wait to get your life back!  The Z-Trek II is available in Women's sizes 6-10 and Men's sizes 9-12. 

Bananas make a healthy post-exercise snack 
7 Smart Post-Workout Snacks 

According to exercise scientists, if you do a moderate- to high-intensity workout for 90 minutes or more, you should eat a healthy snack within 30 minutes of exercising. Good recovery foods include carbohydrates--which are easily digested and quickly synthesized by the body--and lean protein--which helps repair muscle tissue.
Here are 7 great snacks that replenish your body post-workout (along with 8-12 ounces of water!)
1.  Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with Fruit
2.  Banana with 1 Tablespoon of Almond or Nut Butter
3.  Low-Fat Chocolate Milk
4.  Tuna on Whole Wheat
5.  Frozen Whole-Grain Waffles Topped with Greek Yogurt and Almond Butter
6.  Whole Wheat English Muffin with Sliced Turkey Breast and Hummus
7.  Whey Protein Shake with Banana
So how can you be sure you've earned a snack, without completely undoing all your hard work to stay lean and mean?  Here are 3 clues to help keep you from overeating after exercising:
1.  Did you break a sweat during your workout?
If you had a relatively short, light workout, you probably just need to rehydrate with water to recover fully.
2.  Was your heart rate elevated?
Exercising at a low-intensity rate for a short period of time is better than no exercise at all, but you probably won't need to restore your blood sugar levels or rebuild muscle tissue by eating.
3.  Was your breathing labored?
An elevated heart rate and hard breathing mean you're burning calories and earning greater health benefits, so you can enjoy a healthy snack afterwards. But count it toward your total daily caloric intake--not as a way to justify snacking!
If you're truthful with yourself, you'll learn how and when to refuel for energy, rather than eating out of habit or due to to stress, boredom or other reasons.
For more information on this topic, click to read the complete ACE Fitness article by Marion Webb.


A Life of Working Hard, Playing Hard

Working Full Time On My Feet: What is your Story?

For over six years, Charlie Reidel has been working full time, on his feet, at a hardware store. In between helping customers, he shares his Z-CoiL story. 

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