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Z-Tech Debuts a Revolutionary
New "Hybrid" Shoe: Bio-Trek®

(Albuquerque, NM - Fall 2011) - At last, a new breed of shoe that empowers people to do more, and go farther, than they ever dreamed possible. Called Bio-Trek®, this unprecedented comfort shoe + orthotic hybrid from Z-Tech, Inc., is now making its debut online and in specialty footwear stores around the country. 


Initially available in eight casual and dress styles for both men and women, the Bio-Trek ranges in price from $149.95 to $169.95. To find a store that carries the new Bio-Trek, or to purchase the shoes directly, visit


Women's Styles:

Bio-Trek Styles for Women 

Men's Styles: 

Bio-Trek Styles for Men 


Hybrid Footwear: Cushioning + Support

With an ultra-cushiony upper and soft, yet resilient Bio-Sole™ layer, the Bio-Trek delivers a lot of shock-absorbing comfort. Sandwiched between these layers of cushioning is a rigid Built-In Orthotic (BIO) plate that also cradles and protects the foot, providing firm arch support along with greater stability.


This fusion of cushioning and support means wearers can spend a lot more time on their feet, free of pain and full of energy.


Bio-Trek footwear componentsMore features/benefits:

  • High-quality materials wick-away moisture and enhance breathability.
  • A removable, padded insole stays springy over time and is hand-washable.
  • The rigid, built-in orthotic made of nylon and glass fiber can be adjusted to accommodate flat feet.
  • The Bio-Sole's proprietary memory-foam material is both water- and chemical-resistant.
  • A built-in flex line at the ball of the foot allows the shoe to bend easily and only where it's supposed to, for a smooth, rolling gait.
  • The highly slip-resistant outsole uses a specialized, non-marking rubber compound and siping for superior durability and traction on wet surfaces.

About Z-Tech, Inc.


Bio-Trek® is an effective new Pain Relief Footwear® solution developed by Z-Tech, Inc., the makers of Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®. Both products are designed along similar lines to relieve foot, leg and back pain through impact reduction and built-in orthotic support. Z-Tech, Inc. is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and distributes its pain relief footwear products to over 250 retail locations across the US and Canada.

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