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 Z-CoiL End-of-Summer Sale


A REVOLUTIONARY new shoe from the makers of Z-CoiL that empowers you to GO FARTHER ... and looks PHENOMENAL.

COMING 9.15.11

Z-CoiL Shoes: a Smart Investment


Gardeners love Z-CoiL shoesZ-CoiL customer JoanMary from Connecticut has carefully calculated the value of her investment in her unique footwear, considering that she no longer suffers from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, or circulation problems in her feet and legs. She writes:


Need I say how impressed I am with your revolutionary product! And the savings are significant. I have been wearing Z-CoIL walking shoes for one full year at a cost of $220.00, and they will last me three years, according to the person who told me about their Z-CoiL shoes.


Here's what I would have spent per 3-year period:


$600.00 for orthotics (for which we have no insurance)

$450.00 for 6 pairs of good shoes (to wear the orthotics in)

$100.00 for foot doctor co-pays

For a grand total of $1,740.00.


This does not take into consideration my time and car expenses. Nor can the pain I avoided be assigned a monetary value.


All I did was pay $220.00 for this 3-year period for healthy feet and legs. The savings of $1520.00 for wearing comfortable, healthy, pain-free feet and legs is incomparable.


Their very sturdy build allows [my shoes] to continue to look almost brand new when I polish them, and I use these all spring, summer and fall for much gardening in my yard. When I think of it, it is almost like I am being paid to wear what's really great for me! 


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Popular Lawsuit Against Toning Shoes 


A group of about 40 people are looking to sue several manufacturers of so-called "toning" shoes after suffering injuries that they claim were due to the shoes' inherent instability. 
Unlike typical rocker-bottom toning shoes that are built upon a rigid, curved platform, Z-CoiL footwear provides both cushioning and lateral stability, so that they truly help, rather than hurt, the people who wear them.

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