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Big Foot Z-CoiL Sale

Starts July 5th  

For those of you blessed with large feet, Z-CoiL is launching a BIG sale on the more generous sizes of its discontinued styles.
Starting July 5th, 2011, Women's sizes 10 and 11 and Men's sizes 13 through 15 of all Close-Out Z-CoiL styles will be marked down to only $99.50 at participating stores and $109.50 online.
Some of these sizes are being phased out forever (Women's 11 and Men's 14-15), so stock up now while supplies last!
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Adventures Await in Z-CoiL Shoes!


Brian B. on the Nile

The spirit may be willing, but when your body's hurting, you may be thinking twice about taking that trip. You wince at the thought of climbing all those stairs, or trying to keep up with the group as you limp painfully along. Happily, many of our customers have managed to make that leap and are more active than ever:



"We visited Australia for six weeks and only wore our Z-CoiLs. We walked an average of five miles a day without foot, knee, hip or back pain. I left the other shoes I packed "Down Under," as I knew by then that the only shoes for me were my Z-CoiLs." 

Susan P. - Albuquerque, NM


"I went to England and was constantly in pain from plantar fasciitis. Later my two sisters were going to Italy, but one sister did not want to invite me because I was a "pain in the butt" with my moaning and complaining about my terrible foot pain. That's when I realized I had to do something!  I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL shoes before the Italy trip, and at the end of each and every day my feet felt like I was walking on air. The last day of the tour I went to Tivoli Gardens without my sisters (as they were too exhausted), and I walked up and down those hills with nary a pain in either foot.  Now I'm off to Turkey!" Gloria G. - Colorado Springs, CO



Happy travelers in their Z-CoiL footwear


"I wore the shoes every day, from sun up till sun down, traveling everywhere from Disney World to Epcot, from Busch Gardens to Downtown Disney and the Water Parks -- the WORKS. I bounced through each day like a youngster and kept up with my 11-year-old son all day long."  

Lesley M. - Harriman, UT


"I just got done hiking the Appalachian Trail with your Z-CoiL shoes. I was the only hiker not to get any blisters or ankle/knee problems. Every day I found myself explaining to people how the spring would go heel to toe and absorb the impact of the weight on my back. The shoes held up amazingly well, considering the conditions."   Matt C. - Fair Oaks, CA


"Usually I sit on park benches while at amusement parks, just watching the kids play. Now, this weekend, I look forward to riding the rides and standing in line with my kids again! When I go to bed at night I fall right asleep. No pain to deal with."  Michael P. - Sunnyvale, CA


"I bought my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes at our state fair back in 2001. I had been walking around the fairgrounds and my feet were killing me. I saw the booth proclaiming Pain Relief Footwear and decided to try on a pair. Once I stood up, I thought lady luck from the lottery had tapped me on my shoulder--the pain went away that quickly. ... I walked around for four more hours and was pain-free the rest of the time we were at the fair." 

Brenda J. - Richmond, VA


Care to share your own Z-CoiL travel tale?  Just visit the Testimonial page on our website to send us your story! 


Staving Off Osteoarthritis


illustration of arthritis in the kneeOsteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, a grab bag of more than 100 different conditions. There's nothing that can be done about advancing age, but you can do something about two other factors that also increase the risk of the disease.


Obesity is one. According to the CDC, about 30% of American adults are obese. Every additional pound puts greater strain on the body's weight-bearing joints, and when your joints start to ache, it sets off a damaging cycle of weight gain and disease.


Old sports injuries is another risk factor. If a joint injury doesn't heal properly, the joint ends up with a slight misalignment, leading to greater friction on the cartilage and accelerated disease.


The good news:  Lifestyle changes early on can offer most people a good shot at avoiding or limiting any disability caused by arthritis. If you're overweight, experts say that even a small weight loss might slow down the disease.


They also suggest staying active the smart way, with activities that don't put extreme pressure on worn-out joints. Walking, biking, swimming, and other low-impact activities can build muscle that supports the joint. Regular, low-impact movement can also help distribute the synovial fluid, a kind of natural motor oil that helps keep the joint moving smoothly.


Learn how Z-CoiL shoes can help with arthritis 


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