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The versatile Black Z-Walker from Z-CoiL

Only through November 15,
this versatile, full-grain leather shoe is priced at  $185.00
(Regular MSRP: $240)

Choose the classic Oxford lace-up style, or the on/off ease of Velcro straps.

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Be a Big Loser During the Holidays!

Liz Young from The Biggest Loser, Season 8
Liz Young from the Biggest Loser, Season 8, did a meet and greet at the Z-CoiL store in Avon, Indiana. She talked about her time on the show to about 30 people and then had pictures taken to later autograph for a donation to the American Cancer Society. She wore Z-CoiL shoes in the Relay for Life that was held the next day in nearby Mooresville, Indiana.


Though most people don't gain as much weight during the holidays as they think they will, the bad news is that the weight they do gain often turns into an unwanted gift that can't be returned! The trick is to avoid gaining weight in the first place.


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of weight gain," says Dr. Samuel Klein, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. "Preventing the increase in weight is a lot easier than actually gaining weight and trying to get it off again."


Easier said than done, perhaps, but here are a few tips that can make this a manageable goal:


  1. Don't abandon your fitness routine altogether. Even if you can't find the time or energy during this busy season to maintain your regular regimen, fitting in just 10 minutes of exercise a day will help you maintain your weight. Try a brisk, 10-minute walk in your Z-CoiL shoes!
  2.  Practice moderation. Go ahead and indulge yourself here and there, but try writing down what you eat to help keep yourself in check.
  3. At the holiday buffet, try this strategy: first pick only the most healthy options. Eat those, then wait 10 minutes or so before you hit the buffet line again. This time, choose two small portions of less healthy options. Wait 20 minutes and drink two glasses of water. At that point, you may be too full to want to go back a third time!
The Z-West Boot from Z-CoiLSave $120 on the Z-West Boot in November!

If you're looking for western style and total comfort, don't wait to get hold of a pair of Z-West Boots from Z-CoiL.
Only during the month of November, the Z-West boot is priced at $199.95 online and at participating Z-CoiL stores -- that's a $120 savings over the regular online MSRP of $319.95! 

  • Z-CoiL Technology: shock-aborption plus built-in support
  • Full-grain, ostrich print leather upper
  • Lined leather shaft with decorative stitching
  • Pull-straps ande a heavy-duty zipper for easy on/off
  • Enclosed CoiL System heels with a western-boot shape
  • Slip-resistant outsoles (water only)
  • Available in Men's sizes 9-12 and Women's sizes 6-9
At these prices, sizes may be limited, so be sure to check for availability!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday


There will never be a better time to stock up on Z-CoiL footwear for yourself and those you love! A wide array of discontinued styles will be priced as low as $79.95, but only during this special shopping weekend, November 26-29, at both participating stores and online at Sizes will be limited at these close-out prices, so be sure to check ahead for availability.Gray Freedom from Z-CoiL



Also included in this limited-time sale is the Gray Freedom athletic shoe for both Men and Women, priced at only $179.95 (regular MSRP online: $239.95). This popular style has never been officially discounted before, so don't miss out!

Testimonial of the Month 


I read meters for the power company and walk about five miles a day. I developed plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis in BOTH feet. After trying numerous treatments per doctor's orders, i.e., cortisone shots, casting for six weeks, six months of physical therapy and icing and heat, my doctor said to try these shoes. I admit I was skeptical because everything else had failed.

Within ONE week of wearing your work boots, I was able to get back to work after a SIX month medical leave. These shoes genuinely saved my job as well as my quality of life. As a side benefit, my knee, hip and lower back pain has all but disappeared. I have turned numerous friends, family and complete strangers into users of these shoes, and they, too, have enjoyed the benefits. I could tell you their great stories as well, but I've gone on long enough with mine. Thank you so much for my MASSIVE pain relief.

Tony W.
Kewanee, IL

P.S.: If you want more great stories, feel free to call anytime and also please develop a Gore-Tex lined work boot. It would really be appealing to those of us who work out in the elements.