A country road in autumn - perfect for a long stroll in Z-CoiL footwear!
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The versatile Black Z-Walker from Z-CoiL

From October 15 to November 15,
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Choose either the classic Oxford lace-up style, or the on/off ease of Velcro straps.

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Z-CoiL Rocks (Twice as Hard!)

Q:  What's better for your body than a rocker-bottom toning shoe? 

A:  A double rocker, of course! 


Yes, two rockers are better than one -- but only when they're combined with an orthotic support that also stabilizes your foot!


Rocker soles are designed to gently assist your forward motion, and so they can often help to improve the mobility of people in pain. Z-CoiL has known for a long time how beneficial rocker soles can be; we've featured them in our footwear since 1995!  In fact, the innovative design of our footwear creates, in effect, a double rocker, from the flexible coil that compresses at heel-strike, to the rounded and cushioned forefoot at toe-off. 


Demonstration of Z-CoiL's double rocker in action 


Where other rocker-soled "toning" shoes have fallen short is in failing to live up to their fitness claims. They really don't firm your butt or burn more calories. Nor do they provide adequate stability for the foot along with the rocker, and this can actually hurt you rather than help you in the long run.

Click to download and print the Toning Shoes Research Studyrecent study from the Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin warns that "extended wear of these toning shoes may alter the walking gait mechanics of wearers and, in some cases, potentially cause problems for those who may already be at risk for lower-extremity issues." In other words, if you have flat feet or a tendency to over-pronate (your foot rolls in), you should be wary of toning shoes that may exacerbate the problem and place extra stress on your joints and lower back.


Z-CoiL shoes, on the other hand, incorporate a built-in orthotic that helps to compensate for abnormal gait issues like over-pronation. Rather than "toning" shoes, we like to think of Z-CoiL as "wellness" shoes that tone your body naturally by making it easier, not harder, to walk!


The new Z-Trek in Brown coming in December!Sneak Peek at the New Z-Trek!
Our newsletter readers are the first to get this special preview of the next new style coming from Z-CoiL! 
We're expecting the new Brown Z-Trek to arrive just in time for the holidays. Like the extremely popular Tan Z-Trek that was launched in the Fall of 2008, the Brown Z-Trek will be a special, limited-edition style available only as long as supplies last. Something of a cross between a hiker and an athletic shoe, the Z-Trek is constructed of full-grain leather and breathable mesh, and features all the comfort and support common to all Z-CoiL styles. 
Watch for further announcements of this exciting new style coming to a Z-CoiL store near you in late 2010!

Click here to watch her video testimony!
Watch Brendalee's video
Testimonial of the Month

I had extreme pain in my back and knees, and my doctor sent me to a surgeon to discuss what could be done. The surgeon said the only solution was knee replacement, and in the meantime I could have cortisone shots at $300 a shot, not covered by health care.

My mother had bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes and raved about them because she has had two knee replacements and two back operations and walked with a walker. I didn't believe that a shoe could make that much difference for her, and I said someone was taking her for a ride. Then after months of her nagging me, I came in to try them on.


The first time I tried them on, I cried, as the pain was GONE immediately. I started walking around the store and I just couldn't believe that I had no pain. I walked down the street and still no pain. Before this, I was in the house all the time in excruciating pain and not able to work because of the pain. I was too embarrassed to tell people that I was on morphine, so I just stayed in the house as much as possible.


I now own three pairs of Z-CoiL shoes: two pairs of runners and one pair of sandals. Since purchasing my shoes, my shoulder hasn't given me any pain either. I am no longer stuck in bed and in the house all the time. I can now go out and walk my dog, and I have even walked up to six kilometers in one day with no pain medication!!! I wear my Z-CoiL shoes every waking hour and will not wear any other shoes.


My husband has even bought me a cell phone, as I am no longer in the house all the time and he never knows where to find me.


Brendalee K. - Alberta, Canada