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September 2010  
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Teacher Testimonial
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New Risk-Free Trial Policy
Toning Shoes: Do They Help or Hurt?
 Save $55 on all Blue/White Freedoms!

Save $55 on All Blue/White Freedoms
Only through September 30, all Blue & White Freedom athletic shoes are only $175 (regularly $230) online and at participating stores. These are some of Z-CoiL's most popular styles, so don't wait to take advantage of this incredible price!
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Teachers on their feet love Z-CoiL shoes! 
A Teacher's Testimonial

I was desperate before I learned about these amazing shoes. I had severe plantar fasciitis and had gotten to the point where I could hardly walk. I work at an elementary school, so being on concrete floors all day only made things worse. The first day I put the Z-CoiL tennis shoes on, I cried. For the first time in almost two years I wasn't in agony anymore. These shoes gave me my life back.
 I have traveled over three hours to get these shoes. With how they have changed my outlook on everything, I would go to the ends of the earth to get another pair!
Kim C. - Huntsville, AL
Now You Can Buy Z-CoiL Shoes Online

Take heart, those of you who must drive many miles to the nearest Z-CoiL store, just to experience these incredible shoes for yourself ... 

Z-CoiL has just launched a BUY NOW! online/telephone ordering program in a major reversal of its long-held policy prohibiting internet and telephone sales.

For years, Z-CoiL Footwear required that its shoes be sold only through authorized retail outlets by distributors trained in its specialized, custom-fitting process. This is because, unlike any other footwear on the market, Z-CoiL shoes can be adjusted in all sorts of ways to address a person's specific foot, leg, and back pain issues.

"We still believe that a personalized fitting is essential in order to maximize the pain relief benefits of Z-CoiL shoes," says Andres Gallegos, the President/CEO of Z-CoiL Footwear. "However, we also feel a great responsibility toward those people in pain who are unable to visit a Z-CoiL store because they live too far away, or have health issues that make it difficult for them to get around."

Now, in lieu of a custom fitting in the store, online customers are asked a series of fitting questions and corresponding adjustments are made to the footwear before they're shipped. They are also strongly encouraged to visit their nearest Z-CoiL store in case further adjustments to their shoes are needed.

Continuing Customer Care
All customers are entitled to free fitting adjustments from participating distributors for as long as they own their footwear. What's more, many stores keep your fitting history on file, and this enables you to order additional pairs of shoes from that store over the phone and have them shipped directly to you!
 A Revolutionary 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial Policy:
 "Try me, wear me, love me, or return me!"
In another revolutionary move, Z-CoiL has instituted a Risk-Free Trial policy like no other.  Not only do you have 30 days to decide whether or not to keep your shoes, but you are actually encouraged to wear your Z-CoiL shoes wherever you go, so you can get a very real sense of how the footwear performs in everyday life.
If you still decide to return the footwear for any reason--or no reason at all--you will receive a full refund, regardless of the condition of the returned footwear.

Z-CoiL's 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial policy applies to all purchases made online or over the phone directly from the Z-CoiL Footwear company, and from participating Z-CoiL stores. The Store Locator on the Z-CoiL website indicates which of Z-CoiL's 250+ locations across the country honor this consumer-friendly policy.

Toning Shoes: Do They Help or Hurt?

Click to download the study.Toning shoes are all the rage these days--but do they really shape your muscles, improve your posture, and reduce stress to your joints, as they all claim? A new study disputing these claims is just out.


Funded by the American Council on Exercise, a team of scientists from the Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, found no significant increase in muscle activity or exercise response in subjects while wearing these shoes.


What's more, the study warns that "extended wear of these toning shoes may alter the walking gait mechanics of wearers and, in some cases, potentially cause problems for those who may already be at risk for lower-extremity issues."


Wellness expert Andrew Weil holds the same view regarding toning and rocker-bottom shoes. In an interview in Footwear News, he cautions, "People with foot and biomechanical problems shouldn't wear footwear that makes it more difficult to walk, as this may worsen their problems and cause greater pain."


What about Z-CoiL shoes? Don't they have rocker soles?

Z-CoiL shoes do use a rocker-sole design to gently assist a person's forward motion. However, they also incorporate a built-in orthotic that helps to compensate for abnormal gait issues like over-pronation (when your foot rolls in).
If you have flat feet or a tendency to over-pronate, you should be wary of toning shoes that may exacerbate the problem and place extra stress on your joints and lower back.
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