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August 2010
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Foot Facts: Neuromas
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Our Philosophy

Custom-fitting Z-CoiL footwear
Where else can you get shoes tailored for your feet?
There is a reason why Z-CoiL shoes are not found on the rack in your typical shoe store.
It's because Z-CoiL is all about pain relief, and pain is a very personal thing.
We understand that every foot is unique, and so is every health condition.
This is why Z-CoiL shoes are designed to be widely adjustable.
Every Z-CoiL store is equipped with a work area where trained staffers work wonders to fine-tune your footwear, if needed.
They listen to you, they observe the way you walk, and they do their best to address your particular pain issues, all while you wait.
When Z-CoiL shoes are properly fitted, they can provide substantial, if not complete, relief for many painful conditions affecting the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.
Z-CoiL shoes do not work for everyone, but we make every effort to achieve the maximum support and comfort possible for you.
In fact, we make it a point not to sell you the shoes if they do not answer your needs.
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Slip-Resistant Footwear 
Workers who spend more than four hours a day on their feet, standing and/or walking, are at risk for foot, leg and back pain.
Some of the occupations most at risk are:
- Heath Care Workers
- Industrial Workers
- Food Services Staff
- Retail Salespeople
By restoring people's mobility and putting a little extra "spring" in their steps, these innovative shoes are already helping thousands of men and women enjoy more active and productive lives.
Feel the difference for yourself! Try on a pair today!
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Foot Facts - Neuromas

Click on the graphic for more information and to read testimonials from customers who suffered from Neuromas.


Does the bottom of your foot tingle, burn or feel numb?

If you have one or more of these symptoms you might be suffering from Morton's Neuroma:

 - Tingling, burning, or numbness

 - Pain

 - A feeling that something is inside the ball of your foot

 - A feeling that your sock is bunched up


So, what is a neuroma?

A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissues and may occur in almost any part of the body. This thickening, or enlargement, is the result of compression and irritation of the nerve. This compression creates enlargement of the nerve, eventually leading to permanent nerve damage.

Morton's Neuroma is the most common foot neuroma. Morton's Neuroma develops between the third and fourth toes. In this area of the foot part of the lateral plantar nerve combines with part of the medial plantar nerve. Where these two nerves merge they are usually larger in diameter than those going to the other toes. Also contributing to potential problems, the nerve lies close to the surface of the skin and to an artery and vein.

As a result, even a small amount of squeezing or irritation of the nerve can lead to the development of a neuroma. Pointy-toed shoes or high-heeled shoes are typically the cause of irritation.

People with bunions, hammer toes, or flat feet are more likely to develop a neuroma.


Once the pain starts, what should I expect?

  At first you may only feel the discomfort when wearing certain pointy-toed shoes or doing some activity that aggravates the affected area.

The symptoms might go away when you remove the shoe or massage the foot.

Over time, and without treatment, the symptoms worsen and may continue for several days or weeks.

 The symptoms will become more intense as the neuroma enlarges and the temporary changes in the nerve may become permanent.


What can I do to lessen or eliminate the pain?

 - The first thing to do is to not wear pointy-toed and high-heeled shoes.

 - Reduce or stop any activities that place repetitive pressure on the nerve.

 - Begin wearing supportive footwear with a wide toe box like Z-CoiL Footwear, which already come equipped with high-quality custom orthotics.

 - Place an icepack on the affected area and keep the effected foot elevated (on a pillow) to help reduce swelling.


Z-CoiL shoes also feature nearly an inch of soft, resilient neoprene-like cushioning at the forefoot, plus a rocker-bottom sole which helps to propel you quickly over the painful areas of the forefoot.


Trained and authorized Z-CoiL fitters can also add special padding around the neuroma to relieve pressure at the site.


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Featured Testimonial, August 2010
"I purchased my first pair of Z-Coil shoes on Thursday, May 13th from Brown Shoes in Freeport, IL. 
My body is riddled with Arthritis and I have always had problems with my feet.
The first thing I noticed was feeling planted, and my body straightening up as though I had a string at the top of my head, with no pain in my feet or legs.  I could walk without staggering or losing my balance.  And best of all was a good night's sleep with no tossing and turning because of leg pain. 
Z-CoiL's are the greatest shoes ever made!  They were so helpful at the store that I just ordered another pair."
Bonnie B. from Bellevue, IA

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