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June 2010
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Sunproof Your Skin
Have Heel Pain?
Healing Cracked Heels
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Featured Testimonial

I got my Z-CoiL shoes two weeks ago. They seemed awkward at first, but they were new. Once I stopped concentrating on them, I realized that they felt great on my feet and my pain was gone. My back doesn't feel the jolt of walking, at any rate.
So far, my Z-CoiL shoes feel terrific! The price of Z-CoiL shoes is also comparable to my other work shoes.
Thank you!
Justin B.
W. Columbia, SC

Fun in the Sun 
 Sunproof Your Skin with These Tips!

Application 101
The biggest mistakes many people make when applying sunscreen? Not using enough and not reapplying. It takes 1 ounce (enough lotion to fill a shot glass) to cover your body properly. And no matter what type of sunscreen you use, you have to reapply immediately after swimming or every two hours you're outdoors.
Vitamin D 
It regulates your immune system, keeps your heart and bones healthy, and may help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent certain forms of cancer.
In short, it's good stuff. The problem: most people don't get enough. And some experts believe it's because of decreased sun exposure. (Our bodies produce D when exposed to the sun sans sunscreen.)

But that's not a free pass to tan.
Many doctors prefer you get Vitamin D from a healthy diet or even a supplement rather than going without sunscreen. "It's just not worth the risk of skin cancer," says Deirdre Hooper, MD, a dermatologist in New Orleans.

Expired already?

A bottle of SPF won't last more than a few weeks if you're using as much as you should. If it does, toss it after a year. The formula's less effective over time and it deteriorates even faster when exposed to heat.
 Freedom To Enjoy Summer!

Meet Linda and Bob Wagner from Bemidji, MN. In 2007 Linda won the Ms. Senior America title, while Bob has competed twice in Olympic marathon trials and once beat the four-minute mile in a National Championship race!
Enjoy life again in Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

Heel Pain Syndrome:
When weight bearing on the heel causes extreme discomfort, you may be suffering from "heel pain syndrome," which is caused by repetitive impact on a specific area of the foot. Or you may have plantar fasciitis, caused by an inflammation of the plantar fascia, the ligaments that run along the bottom of the foot. When the plantar fasciia are overstretched and pull away from the heel, a heel spur, or abnormal growth of the heel bone, may also develop.
How Z-CoiL footwear can help: 
Heel pain syndrome may be relieved by wearing shoes that provide greater shock absorption in the heel area and a slightly elevated heel to transfer pressure from the heel. Z-CoiL footwear provides both. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, the built-in Z-Orthotic supports the longitudinal arch, which helps to prevent over-stretching of the plantar fascia.

Check out our summer styles online or visit a store near you!

Healing Cracked Heels
Are Your Feet Summer-Ready?

Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are a common foot problem. They can be painful, unattractive, and very upsetting - especially to those of us who love sandals.

It's important to note that skin problems on our feet can be a sign of other health issues, and particularly people with diabetes, skin or circulation problems will want to discuss any foot care regimen with their doctor before beginning. If the cracks on your heels are very deep or bleeding, you'll also want to speak with your doctor.

If, like most, you're just suffering from worn and weathered skin, the following tips and information may prove to be helpful this summer.
Symptoms of Cracked Heels
The most common symptoms of dry, cracked heels and feet include:
  • Bleeding or discharge from cracks
  • Hard growth of skin on the outer edge of the heel
  • Yellow or dark-skin on the heel
  • Pain while walking
  • Increased pain in thin soles or open-back shoes
  • Red or flaky patches on the heels
  • Itchy skin
Feet on RocksWhat Causes Cracked Heels?
There are many causes of cracked heels. Some of the most common causes are: 
  • Having naturally dry or thick dry skin around the heels, which is more likely to crack.
  • Prolonged standing at work or home, especially on hard floors.
  • Being overweight increases pressure on the feet pad, causing it to expand sideways. If the skin lacks flexibility, the pressure on the feet will lead to cracked heels.
  • Wearing shoes or sandals with an open back allow the fat under the heel to expand sideways, increasing the possibility of cracks on the heels.
  • Some medical conditions predispose a person to dry skin, such as athlete's foot, psoriasis, eczema, thyroid disease and diabetes, which may also cause cracked heels.
  • Cracked heels may indicate a deficiency in vitamins and minerals, like iron, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids.
Self Treatment for Cracked Heels
Here are some simple suggestions to care for your cracked feet:
  • Use a pumice stone or sand stone to file hard, dry skin, then a foot cream to penetrate and hydrate the area.
  • Use foot care creams especially designed for nighttime use, and wear socks to help the cream better absorb into your dry, cracked heels during sleep.
  • Check your shoes regularly for tight spots and areas that rub against your dry, cracked heels.
  • Use insoles and other corrective devices to eliminate points of friction on your dry, cracked heels.
  • Avoid open-backed shoes or thin-soled shoes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a wide toe box and shock-absorbing soles.
Make sure you avoid getting foot lotion, foot balm and foot cream between your toes, as the additional moisture can lead to bacterial infections such as athlete's foot. If your dry, cracked heels get any worse, or bleeding occurs, consult a physician.
Visit our blog to find out how to make your own cracked-heel balm and see what products we use on our own feet!

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