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Z-CoiL Introduces New Slip-Resistant, Pain Relief Footwear®
Workers who require slip-resistance on the job can now find welcome relief from foot, leg and back pain!

Chefs wearing our new Freedom SR and Z-Walker SR footwearAlbuquerque, NM - March 2010 - For those who crave all-day comfort on the job, even on wet, slippery floors, Z-CoiL now offers new slip-resistant versions of its two most popular Pain Relief Footwear styles: the Freedom athletic shoe and the Z-Walker lace-up Oxford.
"Since our footwear is engineered to relieve foot, leg and back pain, many companies have been demanding more of these slip-resistant outsoles from us, to better accommodate their work force," explains Andrés Gallegos, the President/CEO of Z-CoiL Footwear. "Now we can offer their employees shoes that benefit their health and well-being and also meet their workplace requirements. Productivity goes up, worker's compensation claims go down, and everybody wins!"
The outsoles of both the Freedom SR and Z-Walker SR were found in independent testing* to far exceed the minimum slip-resistance standard of 0.5 COF (coefficient of friction) set by the US Postal Service, scoring a COF of 0.67 on a wet vinyl tile surface and 0.73 on a wet quarry tile surface.

Both styles also incorporate Z-CoiL's unique, shock-absorbing technology to minimize impact with the ground and deliver an extra spring in your step, lessening fatigue. The conical steel coil in the heel reduces the shock of impact by 50%, while extra-thick cushioning protects the forefoot. A built-in orthotic provides important arch support, distributes pressure evenly across the bottom of the foot, and even improves posture. For workers who spend long hours on their feet, these specialized shoes provide great health benefits by easing stress throughout the entire kinetic chain, from the feet to the knees, hips, back, and neck.

The Z-Walker SR is constructed of full-grain leather and features a padded tongue and cushioned insole for extreme comfort and durability. The Freedom SR has the same plush padding, with an upper that combines breathable nylon mesh with full-grain leather. The Freedom SR is available only in black, while the Z-Walker SR comes in both black and white. Both are available in Men's sizes 8-14 and Women's sizes 5-10.

Z-CoiL footwear can be adjusted in a multitude of ways to accommodate individual pain or gait issues. In order to achieve the greatest possible comfort in their Z-CoiL shoes, therefore, all Z-CoiL customers receive a personalized, custom fitting from specially trained Z-CoiL fitters. This is why Z-CoiL footwear is sold only through authorized retail stores.
*Performed by Precision Testing Laboratories using the Brungraber Mark II Slip Tester according to ASTM Standard F1677.

Other Slip-Resistant Styles from Z-CoiL

Though their outsoles have not been stamped as such, several other Z-CoiL styles have superior slip-resistance qualities as well: the Tia (T-strap), Taos Strap (Mary Jane), Z-Breeze (sandal), and Loryn (zip loafer) for Women, the Rio (wingtip) for men, and the Z-West (cowboy boot) for both men and women.

About Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®
To learn more about Z-CoiL's remarkable pain-relieving technology, view our many styles for both men and women, or to locate a Z-CoiL distributor near you, visit the Z-CoiL website at or call (800) 268-6239.


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