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February 2010
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Foot Pain by the Numbers

Millions of American adults, or one in six, who have foot problems; the ratio increases to one in three over age 65.

The average number of miles an American walks each year; two to three times total body weight is placed on the big toe during the push-off phase of walking.

Million pounds of pressure the feet absorb during an hour of strenuous exercise.

Millions of Americans who visit doctors' offices for foot and ankle problems each year.

Percentage of Americans with flat feet, a condition in which the foot does not have a normal arch.

Number of Americans per year who undergo ankle replacement surgery.

Percentage increase in the amount of body-weight pressure on the forefoot when wearing three-inch high heels; this drops to 22 percent for one-inch heels.

Percentage of Americans who will be affected by plantar fasciitis at some point in their lifetime.

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(even hard-to-find, limited quantity styles!)


Z-CoiL has just expanded its Footwear Reservations Program, an online service that allows you to select any available style and size of Z-CoiL footwear and have them ready and waiting for you at the Z-CoiL store of your choice. 


Now, many rare Z-CoiL styles and colors, available only in limited quantities and sizes, have been added to your menu of options!


High Desert Hiker Taos White Zueco Gray

While the Z-CoiL Footwear Reservations Program does not allow you to make an online purchase, it does enable you to reserve a particular footwear style and size that your local Z-CoiL retailer may not normally carry. Remember, unlike most footwear on the market, Z-CoiL shoes may be adjusted to achieve a perfect, custom fit. That's why we require customers to be personally fitted in stores by trained and authorized Z-CoiL retailers.


The reservation process is simple:  go to the Styles page on our Z-CoiL website, and click on the "RESERVE YOUR PAIR!" button at the top of the page. This takes you to a form where you fill out your contact information, the style and size you're interested in, and the store location where you want to pick up your shoes. Z-CoiL will confirm your reservation by email, and you will also be contacted by the Z-CoiL store you selected when your shoes are available to be fitted.


Don't Delay! Reserve YOUR pair of Z-CoiL shoes today!

Vday shoes

Show your shoes some LOVE! 
5 simple steps to keep your Z-CoiL® footwear looking good and lasting longer. 
  1. Avoid excessive heat.
    Never leave your Z-CoiL® footwear in a hot environment, like a car parked in the sun, since extreme heat can cause the forefoot cushioning to shrink and separate from the Z-Orthotic™.
  2. Remove your shoes properly.
    Always take your Z-CoiL® shoes off by untying them first, then gripping the heel of the upper-not by standing on the rubber heel pad and prying them off your feet. This could cause the heel pad to separate from the coil.
  3. Clean your Z-CoiL footwear inside and out.
    Winter snow, slush and salt can be especially hard on your shoes, but it's easy to keep them in good shape. Simply wipe your shoes clean with a cloth dipped in mild, soapy water and use shoe polish to keep them shiny. For leather uppers, you may want to use a leather cleaner plus a leather conditioner to keep them smooth and supple. You can even remove and hand-wash your padded insoles in warm, soapy water and let them air-dry.
  4. Allow your shoes to air out.
    To keep your shoes fresher, it's a good idea to rotate the Z-CoiL® shoes you wear and give each pair a chance to "breathe." If you own only one pair of Z-CoiL® footwear, consider buying a second pair of padded insoles that you can swap out and hand-wash as needed.
  5. Get regular footwear tune-ups - free!
    As a valued Z-CoiL® customer, you may receive free fitting adjustments from many Z-CoiL® distributors for as long as you own your shoes. Our goal is to maximize the pain relief benefits of our footwear by maintaining a custom fit. Bear in mind that, as the condition of your feet and body changes, so should your shoes!
Bella's on street Testimonial of the Month 
Due to arthritis, I was looking at knee replacement. I had already had a spinal fusion and walking did not help my pain and tired back and legs. I was introduced to Z-CoiL shoes and what a joy it has been to walk without pain and tiredness.

I am always stopped when wearing them out. I feel very comfortable telling people how they have helped me. I am a wedding photographer and am looking forward to my next pair of dress shoes.

Thank you!
Joyce R
Elida, Ohio

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