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December 2009
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The Worst Holiday Foods
 And what to eat instead! 

Holiday Meal

Want to keep the pounds off this holiday season? Health Magazine picked out holiday nutrition disasters you and your family should avoid-plus, pulled together healthier options you should eat instead.
Unfortunately, there's not one redeeming nutritional aspect in eggnog. With items like sugar, eggs, whipping cream, and bourbon, this is a holiday treat that's best avoided. Instead enjoy hot chocolate or spiced cider.
Creamed spinach
What happens when you combine healthy veggies like corn and spinach with cream, butter, and cheese? A side dish with more than 75% of your saturated fat for the day. You're better off with a cheeseburger! If you love the creamy taste, make a healthier recipe using low-fat milk and light cream cheese instead of cream.
Pecan pie
Pecans are a high-cal nut on their own, but combine them with sugar, butter, and corn syrup, and you've got a deadly dessert. A single slice will cost you more than 500 calories, 20 grams of fat, and 30 grams of sugar. But there's no reason to skip dessert-instead try lighter versions of apple, sweet potato, and even pear-cranberry pies.
Just the Facts!

Holiday Meal

The American Podiatric Medical Association says the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. Those cover several miles, and they all add up to about 115,000 miles in a lifetime -- more than four times the circumference of the globe.
About 6 percent of the US population has foot injuries, bunions, and flat feet or fallen arches each year.  
Give the Gift of Pain Relief This Holiday Season!

 This year, why not make a real impact on someone you love? Give them the gift of shoes that relieve pain by dramatically reducing impact to the body. 
Picks of the Season Specials
Now you can get several of our popular styles at a special price with our Picks of the Season special!

Holiday Specials

Z-CoiL Gift Certificates
Looking to gift a different style? Pick up our stylish Z-CoiL Gift Certificates and give the gift of pain relief! You choose the amount!

Z-CoiL Gift Certificates

Unique Stocking Stuffers
Looking for stocking stuffer ideas? Stop by your local Z-CoiL store and grab some Zoles Insoles or Z-CoiL socks!

Zoles Insoles

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Featured Testimonial, December 2009
Bella's on streetI purchased my shoes from the Z-CoiL store in Arlington, Texas a few days before we flew out to Orlando, Florida.  I wanted shoes that I could wear and walk in at Disney World.  I knew we would be walking a lot. This was my first trip to Disney World and I had been told wear good walking shoes. 
I am over fifty and I have problems with pronating, heel spurs and I am flat footed which causes me a lot of problems with my feet.  I am also a half inch shorter on my left leg.  In addition, I have trouble with my lower back, hips and knees when I do a lot of walking.  So I have a couple different problems that I wanted to address with the use of Z-CoiL shoes. 
The first time I really had the opportunity to wear my shoes was the day we started walking Disney World.  I had people asking me what kind of shoes I was wearing.  I was a walking testament to Z-CoiL.  At the end of each day, I did not have any back or knee pain.  Each day my feet did extremely well considering we walked almost 50 miles over a seven day period. 
I use them for walking all the time now.  It feels great to wake up and not deal with pain in my knees or back.  I was able to keep my focus on my first visit to Disney World and not be distracted by the pain of walking.  Thank you, Z-CoiL for helping me enjoy my experience!
Thank you also to Sandy at the Arlington Z-CoiL store and Celia at the Austin store.
Vickie B.
Houston, TX

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