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August 2009
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Country Comfort by Z-CoiL
Fair Foods - Can It Be Healthy?
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Custom-fitting Z-CoiL footwear
Where else can you get shoes tailored for your feet?
There is a reason why Z-CoiL shoes are not found on the rack in your typical shoe store. It's because Z-CoiL is all about pain relief, and pain is a very personal thing. We understand that every foot is unique, and so is every health condition.
This is why Z-CoiL shoes are designed to be widely adjustable. Every Z-CoiL store is equipped with a work area where trained staffers work wonders to fine-tune your footwear, if needed. They listen to you, they observe the way you walk, and they do their best to address your particular pain issues, all while you wait.
When Z-CoiL shoes are properly fitted, they can provide substantial, if not complete, relief for many painful conditions affecting the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.
Z-CoiL shoes do not work for everyone, but we make every effort to achieve the maximum support and comfort possible for you. In fact, we make it a point not to sell you the shoes if they do not answer your needs. 
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Did You Know?

Foot Doctor
There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in each pair of feet that release nearly a cup of moisture every day? 
If you have mild to moderate excess sweating:
  • Wash your feet every day with antibacterial soap, such as an antibacterial hand soap. Then dry them completely, including between the toes.
  • Use a hairdryer on the cool setting to get your feet completely dry.
  • Apply a foot powder (powder is better than corn starch, which tends to absorb the moisture, leaving a wet paste on your skin).
  • Wear synthetic socks, instead of cotton. Synthetic socks wick moisture away instead of trapping it like a sponge.
  • Use a spray antiperspirant either made specifically for feet or your regular underarm antiperspirant.
It is best to see your physician if you have seriously sweaty feet or hyperhidrosis. He or she can prescribe a prescription-strength antiperspirant.

For more health news and tips, check out our Z-CoiL Blogs.
 Z-West Boot
Country Comfort Kicks-Off State Fair Season!
It's kick-off time for state fair season all across the United States and the Z-West boot from Z-CoiL is your best bet for comfortably enjoying all the summer fun!
From the Adams Fair in Hastings, NE in July to the California State Fair in Sacramento, CA in August and closing at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM in October - there's ample time and place to celebrate.

Everyone knows State Fairs and cowboy boots are the perfect match for those long days and nights taking in the sights and spectacles. And the perfect match requires the perfect fit, which you'll always find with Z-CoiL footwear - the world's most innovative shoe, based on Z-CoiL's famed technology that includes its revolutionary coil, orthotics, forefoot cushioning and rocker sole. The stylish Z-West Boot is the first in the line of twenty styles to have an enclosed heel in the shape of a traditional cowboy boot.
If you haven't bought a pair of the new Z-West Boots at a store near you don't worry, you can visit the Z-CoiL booth at your local event and buy a pair there.

To see the schedule of state fairs that Z-CoiL will be attending, please click here.

The Z-CoiL boot has already become a favorite of celebrities like country singer/songwriters Katie Gill and Jim Jones.
Fair Food - Can It Be Healthy? 

From funnel cakes to turkey legs, food at the fair has a reputation for being unhealthy. But is there such a thing as healthy fair food? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. But there are some better options.

Chocolate dipped, on a stick and of course, fried--you can get it anyway you want at State Fairs across the country, but what are the consequences?
"The majority of fair food is fried or high in sugars, so that's one thing that makes fair food tasty, but it's not usually very good for you," says Amy Griffith, a registered dietician with the UT Health Center at Tyler, TX.
The important thing to remember is to stay away from, or at least limit, the fried, greasy foods like funnel cakes or the fried cheesecakes. Those items are going to be much higher in calories.
The best option is roasted corn on the cob, but the turkey leg isn't so bad either. The Turkey is going to be lower in fat and calories than the sausage on a stick.
The funnel cake is a favorite staple at any State Fair, but dieticians say it comes as no surprise that it's actually the worst of the worst. It would probably take two hours on a treadmill or elliptical machine to burn the calories eaten from a funnel cake. Most people say they know the food is bad, but they also say it's oh so good.
Although one day of fair food won't make or break your entire eating plan, some foods may not be worth it when you think twice before you eat them. Packed with fat, calories, sugar and salt these foods won't add to your overall nutrition.
Instead opt for any of these healthier suggestions:
 - Pita with fresh veggies
 - Potatoes with veggies
 - Grilled chicken and wild rice burrito
 - Crepes with fresh fruits or veggies
 - Smoothie with fresh fruit and non-fat yogurt
 - Veggie patty or bean patty
 - Falafel
 - Bison burgers 
 - Grilled corn on the cob
 - Chocolate-dipped banana or caramel apple
Featured Testimonial, August 2009

FreedomsThis will be to date, the single most important document / recommendation I have ever written. I underwent brain surgery for a ruptured basal artery aneurysm in 1986. The medication necessary to keep me alive caused a deteriorating bone disease which resulted in my needing bi-lateral total hip replacements. I have subsequently had 4 additional total hip revisions along with two other hip surgeries, making a total of 8 surgeries from 1981 -2001. I was diagnosed with deteriorating disc disease in my back and neck in 2000, both of which require surgery. In early 2009 I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both legs. I have been in indescribable pain from my neck to the bottom of my feet and had reached my breaking point. I didn't think I could go on like this anymore. I was tired of drugs that didn't work and the disabling effects that kept me from enjoying my children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am 53 years old and had become housebound and yet the pain was still too much to bear. From my heart I must honestly say that before I decided to end it all, I prayed one more prayer.
Today, July 16, 2009, the miracle I prayed for has come to be. I walked into the Z-CoiL footwear store in Avon, Indiana. I was lovingly and warmly greeted by the store owner Stefanie Davis. I must confess that I was not overly enthusiastic and really wasn't sure I even wanted to go through the whole story again with anyone! She had a professional, kind demeanor and knew what and how to ask what my needs were. I was indeed skeptical. I found myself opening up to one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life, and then it happened.

I tried on a pair of the Z-CoiL shoes and I immediately felt relief. After a few tweaks, I was walking tall, picking up my feet and crying uncontrollably. I would have paid $2,000.00 for these shoes. I once again have hope! The pain started dissipating immediately and I knew I could go on. Unless you experience this type of pain, it can never be fully characterized. There are not enough words.
My miracle was made complete by then meeting Stephanie J. Stephanie is also a product specialist and again, one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. They truly cared about me - sincerely. I have NEVER received this type of customer service; real, genuine, honest, caring, loving, knowledgeable and downright fabulous. Again, there are not enough words. I will never be able to thank each of you enough. I just pray that God will bless you two over-flowingly as he has me. I love you, my dear (new / old) friends!!!!
To all that will walk in this door - I am so very happy for you. Your life is about to change and it will definitely be for the better. Thank you, Z-CoiL.
Danville, IN

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