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May/June 2009
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DIY Foot Pampering
Summer Sandal Time
Relief for Veterans
11 Tips for Healthy Feet
The Z-CoiL Website Gets a Facelift! 
New Z-CoiL Homepage
The new site offers a revamped design, streamlined navigation, and reorganized content.
Come check out our full line of Styles from all angles; keep up with the latest Z-CoiL News & Events and read some inspiring  Testimonials submitted by our customers.
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Featured Testimonial

I played soccer and softball most of my life, and although I am only 21 years old, my back, knees, and feet have become very troublesome.
I have had my Z-CoiL shoes for a year and a half now, and I feel great! I definitely can tell the difference.
I did not wear my shoes for a whole month last year (because I could not wear them on a snowmobile).
 I immediately felt the pain again.
After I returned home, I put my Z-CoiL shoes back on and the pain disappeared after only a few days.
Thanks Z-CoiL!!
Erika Ritter
D'Iberville, MS

Foot Soak

 Do It Yourself

Don't want to spend a fortune at the salon? Use this home recipe to save money and pamper your feet with items you may already have in your kitchen! 
Milk & Honey Foot Soak
7c warm water
2c milk
1c honey
Mix all
ingredients together in a plastic bin large enough to fit your feet comfortably. Soak feet for 10 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Removes dry skin and imparts a healthy glow.
 Summertime is Sandal Time!
Let Z-CoiL Keep You Cool and Comfortable

Sidewinder sandals from Z-CoiL

It's time to wiggle your toes and let them feel the warm sun in a new pair of sandals. And if you plan to spend your summer days out and about, you'll definitely want a pair that feels good all day long. Z-CoiL offers three sandal styles, for both men and women, and for all occasions:
The versatile Sidewinder (pictured above) comes in three different colors and two different widths, in sizes for both men and women.

The Z-Breeze is an elegant sandal for women in full-grain black leather with decorative white stitching.

The Z-Port for men, in soft, brown leather, looks good dressed up or down.

Summer Sandals

Visit a Z-CoiL Store and try on a pair today!
Veterans Get Some Relief
Z-CoiL Donates 400 Pairs of Shoes to Veterans 
Veterans Event, ABQ NM 0409
On April 3rd, the corporate Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, held a special event at the city's Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center, fitting hundreds of disabled veterans in free pairs of gently used, pain-relieving shoes.  
Eight trained fitters from the store and corporate offices set up shop at the Center early in the morning and worked non-stop all day to custom-fit those who had lined up for the free footwear, some waiting up to three hours. The veterans, who were all coping with a wide range of injuries and ailments, were all very appreciative and excited to receive shoes that are engineered specifically to relieve lower body pain.
One elderly vet, Faye Young, wrote a note to the company afterwards thanking them "for the wonderful Z-CoiL shoes. I chose the black sandals and love them. I was a woman Marine in WII and considered the shoes an 86th birthday present. I am very grateful I can volunteer at the VA hospital pushing patients in wheelchairs and stretchers. It was kind of you to give the shoes to the military personnel."
Many veterans have been benefiting from Z-CoiL footwear for years. Tom Lopeman of Walker, Arizona, began wearing Z-CoiL shoes after a double leg amputation. Tom had laboratory gait testing done with the shoes, and the results revealed that Z-CoiL® footwear significantly reduce the shock of impact where the sockets of his new prosthetics attach to his own legs. "They provide cushioning and stability. I can stay on my legs for 20 hours at a time now as opposed to 8-10 hours pre-Z-CoiL® shoes," Lopeman says.
Civilian Contractor Warren Hearn of Houston, Texas, purchased his pair of Z-CoiL shoes just prior to leaving for Iraq. He says, "The shoes are the most talked about and most noticeable footwear on the base. I get at least eight to ten inquiries from clients, co-workers, and just about anyone that sees me wearing them."
Z-CoiL also favors veterans when it comes to licensing its retail franchise, giving honorably discharged vets a 20% discount on the initial franchise fee.
Summertime at the Beach11 Doctor Recommended Tips for Healthy, Attractive Feet For the Barefoot Season 

Summertime means bare feet.

At the beach, at the pool or just walking in sandals, it's the season where your feet get to breathe. But how do you keep your feet healthy as you expose them to dangers like athlete's foot and other maladies that can make your feet itch, swell or just look ugly?

Dr. Maureen Jennings, a noted podiatrist, says healthy feet are always important, but even more so during the summer.

"It's not enough to keep your feet clean," said Dr. Jennings. "A lot of people tend to ignore their feet, and as a result they expose them to all kinds of infections and problems that can cause them to be both unhealthy and unsightly. The last thing you want during the summer is to be forced to hide your feet because they're red, itchy or inflamed."

Dr. Jennings says there are 11 simple rules to follow for healthy, happy feet.
  1. Proper hygiene and regular inspection of the feet and toes are the first lines of defense against fungal infections.
  2. Clean and dry feet resist disease.
  3. Washing the feet with soap and water, remembering to dry thoroughly, is the best way to prevent an infection.
  4. Shower shoes should be worn when possible in public areas.
  5. Shoes, socks, or hosiery should be changed daily.
  6. Toenails should be clipped straight across so that the nail does not extend beyond the tip of the toe.
  7. Wear shoes that fit well and are made of materials that breathe.
  8. Avoid wearing excessively tight hosiery, which promote moisture.
  9. Socks made of synthetic fiber tend to "wick" away moisture faster than cotton or wool socks.
  10. Disinfect home pedicure tools.
  11. Don't apply polish to nails suspected of infection-those that are red, discolored, or swollen, for example.

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