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March 2009
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Foot Care Myths Revealed 
Myth: I can't get skin cancer on my feet.
Reality: Skin cancers can occur anywhere on the body, regardless of sun exposure. Foot and ankle surgeons recommend routine foot self exams to spot suspicious moles, freckles and other spots on your feet that show the signs of melanoma.
Myth: Duct tape can remove a plantar wart.
Reality: Although there are many folk remedies for warts, patients should be aware that these remain unproven and may be dangerous. Patients should never try to remove a wart themselves - this can do more harm than good.
Myth: Putting cotton under an ingrown toenail will relieve the pain.
Reality: Cotton placed under the nail can be harmful. It can easily harbor bacteria and encourage infection.
Myth: A doctor can't fix a broken toe.
Broken toes that aren't treated correctly can  make walking and wearing shoes difficult. A foot and ankle surgeon will x-ray the toe to learn more about the fracture. If the broken toe is out of alignment, the surgeon may have to insert a pin, screw or plate to reposition the bone.
Visit our blogs for more foot care myths revealed.
"Spring" Into Spring! 
The spirit may be willing, but when your feet are aching, you may be thinking twice about taking that trip. You wince at the thought of climbing all those stairs, or trying to keep up with the group as you limp painfully along. 
With the help of some springy shoes, maybe it's time to make that leap! These customers did:
"Even after three years of wear, my Z-CoiL shoes took me through three days of Disneyland. We spent 17 hours the first day, 14 hours the second , and just a pitiable little 12 hours on the final day. My sister-in-law with her New Balance tennis shoes left with blisters. I was fine!"

-Lori Kovaly-Watts
Cottonwood, CA

"From playing Senior Olympics
and having a ball
And singing a concert
at Carnegie Hall
To climbing China's
strenuous Great Wall
These versatile Z-CoiLs
have done it all."
- Katherine Nelson
Albuquerque, NM
"My wife and I just spent three weeks walking around Italy. Throughout the entire trip, neither of us had a single day where we experienced back, leg, or muscle pain of any sort. And you wouldn't believe how many Italians asked us about the shoes!"
 - Ann and Lee Lefton
Santa Fe, NM
"Walk It Off" Campaigns are Hitting Their Stride
This is the time of year when many of us make resolutions to become more active, lose weight, and lead healthier lives, and some Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® stores have found a way to support those efforts. 
Dedicated to helping people relieve lower body pain and improve their mobility, these stores are launching an exciting new "Walk It Off" promotion that rewards customers who stay committed to their weight-loss goals. For every pound they lose, participants in the program earn $1.00 in store credit!
The brainchild of Cam White and Celia Tellez, owners of an Austin, Texas, Z-CoiL® store, the "Walk It Off Austin" campaign is already going strong with dozens of registered participants. In addition to earning store credit as they lose weight, these customers are eligible to win special prizes along the way that have been donated by a variety of area businesses.   
Other Z-CoiL® stores are following Cam's lead. On March 2nd, Patricia and Russell Gullet kicked off their own "Walk It Off Midlands" promotion from their South Carolina store.
Of course, whether or not you earn store credit toward a pair of Z-CoiL® shoes, walking is a great way to stay fit. And Z-CoiL shoes make it possible for many people to get moving again. 
Customer Profile
Judith Telecky
Lost 40 Pounds in 6 Months!



 Click Here to read her inspirational story!
Testimonial of the Month 
"I am indeed a fan and an evangelist of Z-CoiL shoes! I have barely taken them off since buying them in July. They are so comfortable! It's like walking on grass, barefoot, and  I feel I have much more stamina. They cushion you from the exhaustion of everyday life. Everywhere I go I get asked about them and complimented about their look. Some find them a source of mirth, but I'm the last one laughing 'cos they don't know how blissfully comfortable they are. I am a true Z-CoiL die-hard."
Thank you,
Helena Bonham Carter 

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