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June 2011
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Foals of 2011
    We are very excited to announce our two foals for 2011.  Both were born on Sunday...one on Easter and one on Mother's Day.  Both are truly gifts.

Dakesa HM
Dakesa HM

Dakesa HM:
Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa
bay filly born on April 24th
This beautiful filly will be staying with us as a future dressage horse and also as a broodmare to carry on her mother's wonderful line.

Loreto HM 
Loreto HM 
Loreto HM:
Londonderry - EM Day Dream
chestnut colt born on May 8th
A well put together colt with a lot of talent for dressage.
Available for purchase (see below)

EM = Elite Mare, SPS = States Premium Mare

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Linda & Jeff


Well 2011 has certainly been a busy year already.  Linda has been attending many educational events, including being a participant in the L-program.  We have welcomed two beautiful foals to the farm and are gearing up for next year with one mare already in foal for 2012.  We have had some highlights with excellent reports from the youngsters going undersaddle...Kerri and Sabatini HM have started to work with Michael Poulin and Kelly and Kadence HM have started to work with Bill Warren.  Both Sabatini and Kadence are doing great undersaddle.  Darshan HM went to his first clinic with Laura to begin learning to long-line.  We are thrilled with how all of these youngsters are developing and building a partnership with their owners.

Unfortunately, we have also had some set backs...Reminisce HM was injured in a fall in April and after 7 weeks has just been cleared for light work.  She will not be out showing this year as initially planned, but we are excited to start working with her again.  Also, we have suffered a devastating loss on the farm with the passing of our dear mare, SPS Pakesa.  She will live on through the seven beautiful, talented foals she had.  We are now in the midst of raising her final foal, a beautiful filly named Dakesa, who will one day carry on this valuable mareline for us.

Open House 2011 

Our 4th Annual Open House was held on Saturday June 4th.  The weather was absolutely beautiful...sunny and warm, but not to hot...one of the few pleasant days this spring.  The day started with formal presentation of every horse on the triangle.  This was the first year that we were able to show people multiple off-spring from the different mares by different stallions, so that the quality of the mares could really stand out.  We had many photographers present and photos are slowly coming in from them.  Check back often to see the new ones added to the 2011 Open House web page.
EM Day Dream poses while her foal, Loreto HM, is presented to the visitors.
EM Day Dream and Loreto HM
Loreto HM smells the flowers
Loreto HM smells the flowers.


A Tribute to an Amazing Mare:
SPS Pakesa (1997 - 2011)   
There are not words which can express the loss we feel at this time.  Pakesa was an amazing mare...intelligent, dignified and an exceptional broodmare.  She is deeply missed.   
SPS Pakesa 
SPS Pakesa (Prince Thatch xx - Duerkheim - Duktus)

Pakesa lives on through her 7 foals:
2003  filly by Sandro Hit
2004 Sir Thatch (g. by Sandro Hit) passed 30 day stallion performance test in Redefin.
2006  Saviola (g. by Sandro Hit) German foal show winner, sold through Southern Germany Stallion auction to dressage rider in Hamburg.
2007 Sabatini HM (g. by Sandro Hit) dressage horse in MA, recently declared to have international level talent by former Olympian.  
2008  Sebastian HM (g. by Sandro Hit) Inspection winner and finished 3 in the US for AHS year end standings as a foal.
2009   Darshan HM (g. by Dacaprio)  Declared a stallion prospect with FEI talent by well respected breed judge
2011   Dakesa HM (f. by Dacaprio)  Strong, confident filly who will hopefully carry on her mother's legacy at Hof Mendenhall.

For those lucky enough to have one of her talented off-spring, please give them a hug and know how lucky you are.

Offered for sale:

Loreto HM - Another show-stopper from EM Day Dream!
2011 chestnut hanoverian colt by Londonderry o/o EM Day Dream (Don Bosco - Furinos)

Loreto is going to have a tall, modern build.  He has a beautiful head and neck with a free shoulder.  With a powerful hind end and uphill movement, he is a candidate for the big dressage ring. 

Asking $14000.
Loreto HM at 2 weeks old