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Inspection and Show Results August 2009
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Two HM Colts claim top ribbons
Regalia HM named Top Colt
Darshan is sold
Open House Photos
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Breed Show Results:
Sabatini HM shows off his ribbons with his owner Kerrie.
On Saturday June 13th, Sabatini HM (Sandro Hit - SPS Pakesa) had his US Show debut.  Sabatini is 2 years old this year and was imported as a foal at his mother's side.  He showed a beautiful panther-like walk and then a powerful trot full of expression.  Sabatini was named Champion Colt and qualified for the Breeders Finals in September.  He really has matured beautifully and his owners Kerrie and Val have done a wonderful job raising him. 
 Regalia HM Reserve Champion Colt from judge Toine Hoefs.
On Sunday June 14th, all 3 of our 2009 foals strutted their stuff for judge Toine Hoefs from the Netherlands.  It was a very large class of quality colt foals and our boys all placed near the top.  Regalia HM won the foal class and then went on to be named Reserve Champion Colt.  Ludwig HM was only 2.5 weeks old, but he showed off his beautiful walk for an 8 and tied for 2nd place in the foal class on score.  He received the 3rd place ribbon as ties are broken by trot score and as you can imagine at 2.5 weeks, trotting on-lead was a very new concept for him.  Darshan HM followed very closely behind to place 4th.  We could not be more proud of our boys!

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Linda & Jeff 
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 
At least now the weather feels like summer.  The foals are enjoying their days out in the field playing 'Who can remove the other's fly mask first'.  They are all developing beautifully.  We are done re-breeding for next year and are looking forward to 2 foals in 2010...EM Day Dream is in-foal to Soleil Q and SPS Destiny is in-foal to Londonderry.  Our show season is in full swing and we have some wonderful results to tell you about.
As always, please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in our news or in one of our foals.
Regalia HM (Rascalino - EM Day Dream) 
Four Year Winning Streak

August 3rd was the Hanoverian Inspection in Rhode Island.  It was a wonderful day with many beautiful mares and foals presented. 
We bought Darshan and Regalia to the inspection and they both showed themselves very well.  We are thrilled to announce that Regalia HM was named Top Colt at the inspection.  
This makes 4 years in a row that our mares have produced the Top Colt at either the Foal Show in Germany or the Foal Inspection here in the US.

2006: Shane (Sandro Hit - SPS Pakesa) Hoya, GER
2007: Legendary HM (Londonderry - SPS Destiny) Hoya, GER
2008: Sebastian HM (Sandro Hit - SPS Pakesa) USA
2009: Regalia HM (Rascalino - EM Day Dream) USA
This also means that each one of our mares has produced the Top Colt.  We are very proud of our ladies and the consistency with which they produce!
Congratulations to Laura (NH):Darshan HM (Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa) 
Darshan HM (Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa) 2009 black hanoverian colt has been sold to Laura in New Hampshire.  Laura used to own SPS Pakesa's full brother as a school master and when he retired she wanted to keep it in the family.  Congrats Laura!  We hope Darshan can fill Paolo's big hoof steps.
Open House Photos
Ludwig HM (photo by Caroline Adams)
Although it rained all day, we had a wonderful time at our Open House.  Two of the visitors were nice enough to send us their photos, so we have put together a page on our site for the candids.  Thank you Vicky Rule and Caroline Adams!
We would like to thank everyone who braved the storm and hope to see you all in 2010!


Regalia HM (Rascalino - EM Day Dream)

For Sale:
Regalia HM (Rascalino - EM Day Dream)
Already a winner at two shows, we proudly offer Regalia for sale.  Video and photos available on his page (click on his photo to the right)
We offer flexible payment plans.  Give us a call to learn more about this Champion Colt!