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More News from the Shows/Inspections August 2008
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AHS Inspection Champion
Dankeschöne HM Under Saddle
Pineland Farm Breedshow Results
Sebastian HM:
 AHS Inspection Champion! 
Sebastian HM with his Top Colt plaque
On July 17th, our foals attended their American Hanoverian Society Inspection at Brookside Equestrian Center in North Smithfield, RI.  The judges for the inspection were Suzanne Quarles and George Walker.  They commented throughout the inspection on the consistent, high-quality foals being presented. 
At the end of the day, Sebastian HM was named 'Top Colt'!  He showed beautifully and received comments of 'beautiful conformation', 'very good use of the hind leg, stepping well underneath himself'.
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We hope you enjoy the second edition of the Hof Mendenhall Newsletter.   Our foals have one in-hand show left which will be NEDA Fall.  Please stop by our stalls on the evening of Wednesday September 10th, we will have a Wine & Cheese in celebration of a successful show season for our foals!
Photo of Legacy HM

Dankeschöne HM Under Saddle 

Danny entered full training in July and is going very nicely under saddle.  He is doing walk, trot and canter and his AA owner is thrilled with their progress.  We can't wait to see Danny and Kristen in the dressage ring in 2009!
Sebastian standing for evaluation at Pineland Farm USDF Breedshow

Pineland Farm USDF Breedshow

On August 9th, all three of the Hof Mendenhall foals attended the USDF Pineland Breedshow in Maine with judge Jos Sevriens.
It was another successful day for our breeding program with all 3 foals scoring very well.  Reminisce HM received a 78.4 in the Filly Foals of 2008.  Legacy HM received a 79.7 in the Colt Foals of 2008.  Sebastian HM stepped-up and was the star of the day.  Although he didn't show the trot that he performed at the AHS Inspection, he showed a very nice rhythmical and mannered in-hand trot.  He received an 80.6 to win 1st place in the Colt Foals of 2008.  His individual scores were an 8.3 on conformation, 8 on walk and general impression and a 7.9 in trot.  The judge was very complimentary of Sebastian and placed him 3rd in the Colts Championship. 
We are very proud of all of our foals!  Also, special thanks to our handler, Lou Denizard, for doing such a nice job presenting the foals.
Riley in field AugustIn-Utero Sales

We offer various types of in-utero sales on our foals.  From very flexible payment plans to right-of-first-refusal options, this can be a good way to get the foal you want.  Some of our foals sell at less than a week old, so declaring your interest now can make sure you don't miss out.  This can also be a way to have a top foal on a budget as in-utero purchases are a little cheaper and flexible payment options are available.  In-utero purchases come with a live foal guarantee.
The full sibling to Reminisce HM (Rascalino - EM Day Dream) is available for purchase.
The colt option on the full sibling to Legacy HM and Legendary HM (Londonderry - SPS Destiny) is also available.  The filly option for this cross is already taken by our German friends at Hof Bruening.
Also available is the colt option for SPS Pakesa's foal by Dacaprio.  We have very high hopes for this new combination.