December Newsletter
Reflections on the past year for Pro-LiteIt has been an exciting year of hard work with increased production and new development. From the shouldering of all in-house carbon manufacturing to major new advancements being laid out in preparation for the coming year, 2010 had a lot going on. Click through and read about some of the key moments of the past year.
Reflections on the past year for Bradley Smith, Pro-Lite Sponsored MotoGP riderThe culmination of his final year in Moto3 has been emotional for this British MotoGP champ. He said his farewells to his team at Bancaja Aspar taking 1st at the final race of the series, with his teammate coming in just moments behind him. The young superstar has a lot to look forward to in 2011, with a step up to the Moto2 class where he will have an uphill battle against more experienced riders on unfamiliar bikes. So far, he has shown what he brings to the table by besting recent race winning times while 'taking it easy'. If this is him playing it safe, it's going to be a wild time when the gloves come off and he starts to vie for medals in the new season. Click through to read some of his thoughts and some of his highlights of 2010.
Catching up with Photo Contest winners at year end
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