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"I don't like being dishonest, so when people asked me, I said what I thought."

This tip comes from former First Lady and social issues activist Betty Ford, who passed away on July 8. Rest in peace, Betty.
Betty Ford
Betty Ford

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Dear Friend,

If you are currently living in the Pacific Northwest, you know that it is supposed to be summer. These are the ten gorgeous weeks that people here live for. At least I do. Unfortunately this year, like last year, has been a different story. Lots of rain, lower than normal temperatures and gray, gray, gray.

Trust Me - It Could Be Worse

Generally I'm a big complainer about this kind of weather. But this year I spent ten days in the Midwest over the Fourth of July and it was downright miserable. With a heat index of 115 it was hard to even go outdoors, let alone be active outdoors. So I've been complaining less and trying to be thankful more about Seattle's mild temperatures.

Ready for Summer... or Not

When I returned from my travels, I was so excited to start wearing my summer clothes here. However, that was short-lived because day after day, it's been cool and rainy. So it got me thinking: why do I have 25 pairs of summer shoes, and when will I be honest with myself and acknowledge that I have been buying for a life I don't have?

Are You Buying for a Life You Don't Have?

I have been in the closets of many clients who have wardrobes of clothes they can't wear because they've been buying for a life they don't have. This might be the woman who owns 20 ball gowns but only attends one formal event each year, or the one who owns dozens of pairs of expensive stilettos but spends the bulk of her time at the playground in sneakers.

There is nothing wrong with having nice things for a special occasion. There is, however, something off when the bulk of your closet is dedicated to a life you don't have.

So Many Outfits, So Little Summer

I'm no exception. I love hot weather and I adore summer clothes and shoes. But I'm finally admitting that sometimes I shop for a life I don't have. There is a reason that I have summer shoes I've literally never worn. And that is because with the limited summer we have, I simply can't wear all my summer outfits - unless I were to do a "costume change" come mid-day, every single day of these precious summer months.

Buy for Reality and Find The Real You

That's why I'm making a pledge to myself this year to buy for the life I do have. Which actually is a really good life! I plan to be deliberate in my purchases and honest in asking myself, "Does this item actually fit the life I have?" I encourage you to do the same - because buying for the life you have is just one more way to make Smart Choices and the result is, of course, The Real You.

Happy summer! I know it's coming...
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
Goodbye Bridesmaid Dress, Hello Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress from NewlyMaid
NewlyMaid Black Dress

How many bridesmaid dresses are in your closet? NewlyMaid provides a great way to make use of that old dress, and get a new one that you'll actually wear. You send in your old bridesmaid dress, then they send you one of their darling little black dresses at a much lower price than retail. The dress you sent in is either recycled or donated. Find out more at the NewlyMaid website >  

Redeeming Soles
Redeeming Soles
Gently used shoes for a good cause

This is a neat organization I first learned about in the Real Change newspaper. Run by a former homeless man, the group collects gently used shoes to distribute to homeless men and women in the Seattle area. It's a great cause, and since you're cleaning out your closet anyway... (right?) check them out at the Redeeming Soles website >