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"If you have the right attitude and you wear the clothes in the right way, you have a natural sexiness."

This tip comes from British designer Stella McCartney.
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney

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Dear Friend,

This month I want to talk about a self-defeating trend that I find often with my clients, and explain how to overcome it. You may have noticed this pattern in your own behavior when attempting to put together a new look from your closet. It goes like this: you try on a top or a pair of pants, you look in the mirror, you don't like what you see, and you immediately discard that single item, thinking that it doesn't work for you.


What Not to Half Wear


I was discussing this trend with a client recently and she called it the "what not to HALF wear" problem. I couldn't have named it better myself.


I can't tell you how many times I watch a client get into something and then before we can even begin analyze whether it is right or not, she or he tells me how bad it looks. This is inevitably in front of the mirror with just half of the look on. Let me tell you: I look weird too when I only have on my pants and I walk around the room!


The Glass Half Full


Here is my simple rule to avoid the "what not to HALF wear" problem: visualize the complete look before judging it. When I say complete, I mean not just a top and a bottom, but the entire outfit from the proper underclothes to shoes and coordinating jewelry, scarf, tie, etc. Only after you have all the pieces together should you try it on. And only after you have everything on should you approach the mirror!


We don't go out in the world half-dressed, so how can we decide if a look works for us when we are only seeing half of it? Sure, those pants might not work when they're the only thing you have on, but give the glass half full a chance and fill it up with the rest of that outfit! Then you can accurately assess the complete look.


Tips for Visualizing


If it's tough for you to visualize an entire outfit in your head, then take the visualization process out in the open and put together a new look on a table or bed, one piece at a time. If it's anything short of horrible, try the look on. It never hurts and it only adds to the information you're gathering about what works for you.


I like to remind my clients that you learn just as much from what doesn't work as you do from what does. Be willing to take a risk and try it on. It doesn't cost a thing, you already own the clothes, and you are in the comfort of your own home. It's a free ticket to what might just be your next great look.


You can't find The Real You without a little reaching and some reflection. Your own closet is calling you to put some new looks together - enjoy the process!

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
No More Dark Circles
Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT

Tired of those dark circles under your eyes? I've found a product I love that brightens everything up: TOUCH ÉCLAT (Radiant Touch) from Yves Saint Laurent. They call it a "luminizing pen" and I call it a magic wand - for brightening your complexion, hiding that fatigue under your eyes, and giving your skin a younger look. You can find it at the Sephora website >

Step Out in Style with Sweet Ballet Flats
People often ask about a great ballet flat. I like a pointy toe but the round toes are also very popular. To that end, this is a sweet little flat that I recently saw at a client's home. They are beautifully made and according to her, very comfortable. Check them out if you have a place in your closet for a new flat this spring. 
Find ballet flats at Garnet Hill >
Garnet Hill ballet flats
Garnet Hill Ballet Flats