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"You deserve to be seen for the person you are."

This tip comes from Clinton Kelly, of the hit show What Not to Wear.
Clinton Kelly
Clinton Kelly

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Dear Friends,

It's a new year and for me, time for new intentions. I'm calling them intentions this year because the moment I hear the word resolutions, I start to stress. But if I have an intention, I feel inspired.


Show Up for Your Day as The Real You


As you ponder your 2011, I suggest the intention that you show up - to your colleagues, to your friends, to your family, and to strangers - as The Real You every day. If you spend just a few minutes extra in the morning, you'll be more prepared and more confident throughout your entire day. Here's a story that helps me remember to prepare carefully every morning:


We live near the "village" of Magnolia, which is full of fun little shops and coffee houses. One afternoon I took a walk with my daughter to find a gift for a friend's birthday. We wandered into a shop called Vixen, which has a selection of cute clothes and jewelry plus a little makeup kiosk where you can try different products.


We've All Been Caught Unprepared


We immediately noticed a family friend hurriedly applying makeup at the kiosk. She's a successful realtor, and she explained that she'd been out walking her dog on her day off, after tossing on some workout clothes and a baseball cap. She happened to stop by her office and mention that if any new clients came in later that day, to give her a call. Lo and behold, a few minutes later she got a call from her office about a new couple who had just walked in. Could she please come back right away and meet with them? Dog and all!


Standing at the makeup kiosk that day, my friend said, "I guess this is why we are supposed to show up everyday ready." We laughed, she continued to apply some makeup, and then off she went.


Think of Presenting The Real You as an Opportunity


Obviously it's tough to be fully ready every single time we leave the house. We all need to do things like walk the dog, take out the recycling, run errands. But you never know who you might meet out in the world. What's the harm - or more importantly, what is to gain by looking your best in whatever situation you are in? I find that it brings me deep comfort and self-confidence to know that I am prepared for whatever comes my way.


Have a terrific new year, be yourself every day, and remember: you never know what person or opportunity might be around the next corner. You might as well let them see The Real You.

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
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