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For Parents, Alumni and FriendsSpring 2012
Photo Contest Benefits Birth To Three 
   Sybilla won the Birth To Three Award in the Lane County Children's Photo Contest. Her photo will be at our office for the coming year.
   We appreciate the photographers who support us with their contest!
Sybilla's photo shows her sitting in a rocking chair that has been in her mother's family for four generations. (Photo credit: Bruce Berg)
Partnering for
Better Parenting

Vaishali and Sylvia

  Recently, Holt International brought two parent educators from India to Eugene to be trained and mentored with Birth To Three. The visit follows a training in India led by Minalee Saks, executive director and co-founder of Birth To Three.

   "Holt's collaboration with Birth To Three has helped to strengthen our parent education programming around the world," says Jennifer Goette, Holt's director of programs for south and southeast Asia.

   Read this blog entry about the Eugene experience of the parent educators.

  In honor of Father's Day, this issue of our newsletter focuses on dads. We agree with Anne Geddes, the baby photographer, who says, "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad." Please join us in honoring the men who become dads. 


Dad and baby

Fathering (and Parenting) Ideas


Why do dads matter? Listen to this podcast and other information that give some reasons!


The keys to a healthy father-child relationship are involvement, influence and affection, according to this article, which has suggestions on achieving that kind of relationship.


You are your child's best role model. Here are six ways to have a positive effect.


If you're a new dad, here are suggestions to help establish a nurturing relationship with your baby.


"I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be." - Abraham Lincoln

Memories of Our Fathers
A father's influence, for better or worse, has a lasting impact on his children. Read the memories of community members, Birth To Three board and staff members, and others.
How to Honor Dad Without Breaking the BankOCCU logo
   What would dear old dad like for a Father's Day gift? And how can you afford it? This article provides low-cost suggestions!
Classified Ads for Our Readers
Read our ads for information on raising bilingual children, getting your home's foundation built or rebuilt, a nutrition consulting service, counseling for families with teens, and how to find and use greener children's products. Currently, all of the services are offered by Birth To Three alumni!
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