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For Parents, Alumni and FriendsWinter 2012
Birth To Three: What We Do -
and Why We Do It
It's one thing to have a mission; it's another to live it for 33 years. For more information about how we fulfill our mission, which is "Every child will be raised by skilled, nurturing parents," watch these videos:
Bubblegum Girl
One of last year's winning photos
Have a keepsake photo of your child taken in February by one of three photographers, and Birth To Three will receive $25 of each session!
  Plus, your child will be entered in the Lane County Children's Photo Contest, a non-beauty contest celebrating children.
  Get more information and spread the word!

Corporate Donors Make a Difference 

  Birth To Three recently received donations from Safeway and Plum Creek Foundation.

  The $5,000 Safeway gift (photo below) came from employee contributions and will be used in our First 3 Years program.


    The $1,600 Plum Creek donation (photo below) paid for new white boards in our group rooms.
Plum Creek Foundation

   Thank you, everyone!

  Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day!

  If New Year's Eve seems like a long time ago, one of the reasons is that all of us are busy people. We focus on what needs to be done today and tomorrow, and to do the best we can as parents every day.

   This issue is all about taking care of ourselves so we will have what it takes to raise our children. Achieving that goal will help us create our best Valentine's Day!

It's Important to Take Care of Yourself 
   In Birth To Three groups, our parent educators remind families to "put on your own oxygen mask first," just as the airline safety instructions suggest.Frog Relaxing
   Sometimes, however, it's difficult to take time for ourselves. It's hard to find the time, being away may make us feel guilty, and the logistics can be daunting. If you are a single parent or you parent a child with disabilities, it may feel impossible to focus on yourself.
   Still, it is important to refuel and serve as models for our children. Here are some links to ideas that may help you take an effective break.
Step-Parenting: Rewarding, Challenging, Important  
Step Parenting   Like any parent, a step-parent may struggle with situations that can't be resolved by simply loving the children and the partner.
   For parents in blended families, here are links to articles that may provide useful perspectives.
Ways to Parent Through Separation or Divorce 
  "I remeDivorcember crying while wondering how to keep my daughter from crying," recalls one mother about the early days of separation from her husband.
  When a couple experiences relationship problems, parenting doesn't stop and both parents are usually still involved. For ideas about moving the family forward through a separation or divorce, connect to these web resources.
Getting Healthy About Your Finances
Self-care includes knowing how to manage your money. Read this article from Oregon Community Credit Union for the ratio ofMoney mortgage payments to monthly gross income, the amount of money you should aim to have in a liquid savings account, and sound advice on saving for retirement.
More Resources From Birth To Three!
Each month, we publish a column in The Register-Guard newspaper. Here are links to several columns on self-care:
The subjects of other columns range from pediatric dentistry to children's brain development to the role of music in children's lives. Here's the list of all of our topics.
Classified Ads for Our Readers
Read our ads for information on raising bilingual children, getting your home's foundation built or rebuilt, a nutrition consulting service, counseling for families with teens, and how to find and use greener children's products. Currently, all of the services are offered by Birth To Three alumni!
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