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For Parents, Alumni and FriendsFall 2011
Toys Galore
Eugene Toy & Hobby gifts

Andrew Agerter from Eugene Toy & Hobby helps Pamela Evanston, Birth To Three's program manager, select toys.

    Birth To Three has new toys for the Children's Program, thanks to donations from Eugene Toy & Hobby and the Eugene Downtown Lions Club.

   Eugene Toy & Hobby had $150 of gift certificates that had been purchased for Mike Piccioni, a longtime customer who later died. A salesperson who had interned at Birth To Three suggested giving them to us.

   Upon hearing the story, a customer added $11; staff then contributed $39 more to create a donation of $200 of merchandise.

   Meanwhile, theEugene Downtown Lions Club donated $975, which we also used to buy toys. It was wonderful to be able to restock and expand the Children's Program's offerings.

   We are grateful for the support of our community.

Donating Today Will Double Your Gift

  Your donation can make a difference for families seeking to attend a parenting group! Thanks to Quest Foundation, any donation you make now will be matched dollar for dollar. If you're ready to donate online, our PayPal or Network for Good options are secure and easy. We also accept checks.

   You can also help by volunteering for our annual auction or providing items or sponsorships. Please

let us know how you want to assist!


  Parenting and grandparenting styles vary, but most of us can think of one or two things we wish we'd known in advance. In this issue, we share those thoughts. As always, use what works for you.

   We'd love to hear from you, too! Visit our Facebook page and contribute to the discussion.

Parenting: Wish I'd Known That!
Family, two children  What would have been helpful to know before you became a parent? Whether you're a birth parent, adoptive parent or foster parent, the thoughts of other parents and of Birth To Three parent educators may be useful.
   Blogs - online diaries - are good reading, too. We've compiled links to the top daddy blogs and mommy blogs...just take what they say with a grain of salt, as they are usually writing from their personal perspective rather than from researched, verified information.

Grandparents' Perspectives on Their Role

Grandmother, child reading

   "I am your heritage and you are my legacy."

   That's how one grandparent described the relationship between grandparent and grandchild. For other perspectives, here are the tips of Birth To Three staff who are grandparents.

   If you're a first-time grandparent, you may enjoy this article about your new role.

   Ever wonder what mothers think of the grandparenting job their own parents are doing? Here are some of their views.

   If you're raising a grandchild in Lane County, check out this free workshop from the Center for Community Counseling.

Future Newsletter Topic: Step Parenting

One of our next e-newsletters will feature content about step parenting. If you've found a particularly relevant book or website on this subject, please contact us by Nov. 18. Thanks!

App Spreads Words to Love ByWtLB

   If you or another parent is seeking encouragement, our

Words to Love ByŽ app is a quick way to find support, comfort and strength. We developed the app with Concentric Sky.

   Words to Love ByŽ makes a great gift, too.

   Buy it now!

Classified Ads for Our Readers
Read our ads for info on raising bilingual children, massage,
getting your home's foundation built or rebuilt, a nutrition consulting service, counseling for families with teens, and how to find and use greener children's products. All of the services are offered by Birth To Three alumni!
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