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For Parents, Alumni and FriendsFall 2010
Quiet Donors Make Big Impact
 Don and Marlys Bennett are among Birth To Bennetts PerfectThree's most committed donors. Each month, they bring in children's clothing, bedding, diapers and stuffed animals. They search constantly for more items, which they buy new or used in local stores or online.
  "In lieu of buying toys for our three grand-children who don't need more, we'll buy things for babies and young children who need our help," Don explains. "We can relieve some of their stress."
  Deep thanks to Don and Marlys, and to everyone who helps us help our families.
Refreshed Plaques
 Honor Brick Donors
   Birth To Three's front entry features plaques on bricks that honor children, parents and donors. Recently, the plaques were polished, cleaned and put back in place. They look great!
   Now we're ready to install your plaque, too. Honor a child, a parent, an's a wonderful way to provide a permanent reminder of what matters.
   Get the details so you can get started!
About Birth To Three
Become our Find us on Facebook friend and stay informed about Birth To Three and parenting. You may also visit us at our website. Contact Birth To Three by calling (541) 484-5316, e-mailing us at or using our e-mail form.

Considering a donation? You may want to read about Birth To Three's programs and financing at GuideStar, a non-profit supplying information on organizations so donors can contribute in confidence.
  As we head into fall, Birth To Three is "up" -- excited about all the parenting groups that have launched, pleased to support the safe sleep campaign and glad to be able to offer more groups for teen parents, thanks to the Great Rotary Duck Race.
   The staff and board of Birth To Three hope your Fall is a real upper, too.
"This Side Up" Keeps Babies Safer While Sleeping
When babies sleep on their backs, the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome drops dramatically. That's why Healthy Start/Healthy This Side Up t-shirt bearFamilies at Birth To Three now gives infant-sized t-shirts to new parents. The shirts say, "This Side Up" ("Esta Parte Hacia Arriba" in Spanish).
Another tip: Avoid using baby sleep positioners. These flat or inclined mats with side bolsters are supposed to keep children lying on their backs; instead, experts say infants have suffocated when they rolled from a side to stomach position.
The bottom line? Place babies "This Side Up," which means flat on their backs with no sleep aids.
Do You Know What's Bugging Your Child?
A study from the American Psychological Association shows that parents think they know what is stressing their children - but the children may have different worries. For example, one-fifth of children ages 8-17 say they worry "a great deal or a lot," but only 3% of parents rate their children's stress as extreme.
For a new perspective on what may literally keep your child awake at night, read the article.
Check Out These DVDs!
Birth To Three's library has a great new DVD available to parents in our groups.
   "The Happiest Baby on the Block" is Harvey Karp M.D.'s method of calming babies. See a preview, then talk to your parent educator about checking out the DVD. A deposit is required.
 Music CDs are available, too. Ask your parent educator!
Classified Ads
Read our ads from alumni who offer groups for parents of teenagers, a book about being a green parent and how to raise children to be bilingual.
   Birth To Three's ads are free for alumni; others pay $30 for placement in all newsletters in a six-month period. All ads are subject to review before publication. Interested? Contact us!
Parent HelpLine is Ready to Help!
Parent HelpLine Logo smallFor advice on your parenting questions and referrals to other resources, call the Parent HelpLine (541-485-5211; toll-free in Lane County, 1-888-485-5211). It's confidential and free. Open Sunday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please tell others, too!
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