Summer 2011 Newsletter


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Cover image by Meg Hamlet

from our current Gallery at Grace exhibit   


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Bill Harper's Notes from the Vicar

"At Grace we name Summer as our Sabbath season. And it is. We pace ourselves just a bit differently during these months. Or at least we live with the hope of a different pace." 


Mary Kay Dolejsi, Warden on Summer Growth

"In my current gig as a high school science teacher, I am very attuned to the approach of summer. I love teaching your kids, but we - teachers and kids - are all getting ready for the break of summer vacation. And really, we all need it. We need time away to grow and change."


Music & Arts News:  Encaustic Monotypes by Meg Hammlet, Kids Sing this summer at Twilight Camp.


Soul School

Celebrating Trees with Trees in Art: An evening of art, poetry & music.



Earth & Spirit: 

A free, educational fair where local people and organizations will showcase inspirational projects and activities that encourage ever-greater resilience in our families, neighborhoods and community.  


Kids Happen: 

Twilight Camp, Playground Planning & Summer Sundays at Grace. 



Northwest Kiwanis Camp opened its doors (and tent flaps) to children and adults with medical and intellectual disabilities in 1989. The camp is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Chimacum, Washington. The main lodge overlooks Beausite Lake and is surrounded by 50 acres of forest and meadowland.


Parish Life:

A Summer Pig Roast & Fund Raiser,  Being Belongers, all retreat preview.



Each of us is drawn to Grace for many reasons: inspiration, community, a sense of higher purpose. Visitors are always welcome at Grace. We are a community of people who vary in our background, tradition, experience, involvement. We welcome your interest and participation.


Human Relations

The HR Committee is saying farewell to three hard working committee members:  Peg Hubbard, Craig Merrill and Marilyn Price-Mitchell.  Each has given generously of their time and talent over the years.


Grace Endowment Fund

Have you ever wondered how you might help sustain, for future generations, this place and ministries we hold dear? Grace has an Endowment Fund that is presently just a tiny seedling but will, over time sprout into something that can significantly support and sustain the mission of Grace.



Enjoy, and Happy--Ummm--Summer?


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Susan Marie Andersson,  

Grace Communications