May 3, 2011


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Dear Grace Friends and Family,  

From time to time we feel it's important to pass on information about Grace as broadly and quickly as we can.  This letter is meant to do just that.  There are some staff changes at Grace, and as might be expected, it's good for us to know and be aware of those changes.  The details are really pretty simple and straightforward.


New Position


Last week the Vestry, after several months of research and consideration, concluded that it was time for us to hire a half-time Building and Property Manager.  Essentially this position would be responsible for basic cleaning and routine maintenance, as well as coordinating building set-up and mechanical system stewardship.  The Building and Property Manager would work primarily during business hours, with some time allocated to programs and events in the evenings and on weekends.  This would replace our current Sexton role, which is roughly one-third time and exclusively outside of business hours.


As the use of our building continues to increase month to month, it has become apparent we need to allocate additional hours to cleaning and maintaining our facilities.  We also feel a strong need for regular, on-site management during regular business hours.  As we considered this need, we compared our usage and size considerations with half a dozen local congregations and it was clear that we are understaffed in this area, and as such we were taxing both staff and volunteers beyond their capacities. 


We plan to advertise this position first within the Grace community, and a job description can be found on the Grace website.  So, to put it simply, if you or someone you know might be interested in this new job, please send an email to  >>( right away.   >> Link to Job Description



Staff Changes


Kirk Knighton has been our Sexton since we moved into this building, providing basic cleaning and facility upkeep.  Kirk has decided that he cannot take on the increased responsibility of the new position because he continues working as a Postal Carrier here on the Island.  He feels this is a good time for him to step down from his work at Grace.  Kirk will be greatly missed.  His humor and flexibility and quiet responsiveness have served Grace well.  


And, as we honor Kirk, we will also honor Mary Knighton, our Bookkeeper.  And yes, Kirk and Mary are married!  Mary too has served us faithfully and with patience, and been with us as we've grown.  Last month she made the decision that her position has also grown beyond the time she has to give, as her position at Madrona School has evolved into a full-time role.  With her input, we have contracted with Malinda Wagner, who is a principal at Eagle Harbor CPA, to take over Mary's bookkeeping duties.  Mary and Malinda are working together to create a smooth and confident transition.


We will honor and celebrate Kirk and Mary on Sunday, May 15th. Honoring both Kirk and Mary will be good and right, and we welcome any contributions you might be moved to make as we look for an appropriate gift of thanks for them.  Checks and notes can be sent to the Grace office, to Candee's attention.



Summer Sabbath


This Summer will also be a time of some temporary changes in the Grace office.  Susan Andersson will be taking a 6 week unpaid leave from mid-June through July in order to spend more time enjoying the Summer with her family.  In Susan's absence we will hire some limited, temporary office help, enabling  us to maintain simplified communications over the Summer.


Lastly, we know that Bill will be taking a sabbatical this Summer, from June 13th until September 10th.  We feel confident that with Arienne's pastoral leadership, and the active support she will receive from our supporting clergy, Grace will continue to thrive. 


Obviously each of these changes and transitions will invite us to adjust and grow.  We trust that growth process, and the solid leadership of our Vestry and Program Ministry Council, to help us evolve as a community.  We hope that you'll feel the same way, and we look forward to answering your questions and responding to your thoughts about these changes.



Mary Kay Dolejsi, Warden

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Don Warkentin, Warden


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 Bill Harper, Rector


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