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Hey Everyone--   

Well, not quite the end.  But nearly.  And we are working toward a beautiful season end for this year of Rite 13 and Alive and Well.  You can check that schedule below.  And please do.  There are some special events that really will be great.  I know we all feel pressed at this strange time of the year--when every school and life activity seems to converge.  Our kids feel it too.  With a graduating Senior in my own house, I'm amazed at how much stuff piles on.  What we do on Thursdays is meant to be a kind of unstructured antidote to all that.  Sometimes that works.

Our theme over this year has been sort of simple: "Faith. Hope. Love." This week, and again on our last Thursday, we are doing our best to try to bring all the various pieces together.  Tomorrow night we'll be using a clip from one of this season's "Glee" episodes in order to get at the difference between faith and certainty.  And a simple confession here: I've only seen one episode of "Glee"--the one we'll use tomorrow.  I watched it yesterday, thanks to Hulu.  I was instantly hooked, after much time spent dismissing this crazy concept drama.  I want to give a huge shout of thanks to Sophie Townsend who has begged me all year to use this episode. She was right.  It's perfect.  I hope we'll be able to bury--compost--our certainty, and let faith grow.

So as you take a quick look a what remains ahead, let me say again that this simple work of getting these kids together really matters. I'm so grateful to all the faithful feeders each Thursday night, and to Kathie McCarthy, who continues to volunteer her time and her heart with our kids.

We missed getting our RSVP announcement out this week, but we do have a great crew of cooks ready to go.  We look forward to feeding another happy crowd.


April 28: Regular Schedule.  It's all about "Faith."  Faith in each other. And God.  Or Good.  Or all of the above.  The more faith the better!


May 5: No regular youth groups, but the usual First Thursday for Juniors and Seniors at Bainbridge Bakers.


May 12: Wow--Last Regular Group.  All about Love!  It's the love that lasts.  And count on a special "take away" reminder from the past year!


May 18: A Big Deal: The Rite of Confirmation!  A core of High School Folk have been preparing for this all year.  This will be a wonderfully unique occasion and it would be made even more so if there were lots of other kids and families there to support them.  It's a pretty remarkable tradition. The service starts at 7pm.


June 5: Supper Senior Sunday at Grace.  We stand up our Seniors, bless them and pray for them and send them out into the great big world!  As best we can . . .