Notes from the Vicar of Grace

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Bill Harper

Hey All--     

"Tender Times."


That's how I seem to describe life these days.  People are tender-not just tender-hearted (although many are); not just tender and new; we are tender in the way that we feel things to be fragile and vulnerable.  We are tender with worry, anxiety, even frustration and anger.  We are tender with a compassion that causes us to feel with and for others.  These are tender times.


And how do we live in such a time?  With tenderness.  That's all.  I think of that so often as we once again live out the story of Holy Week.  There is no doubt in my mind (and heart) that when he washed their feet Jesus was asking his followers to live with tender care in the world.  There are other choices; other postures.  We could live defensively.  We could live a lie.  We could live someone else's life instead of the one we have.  Or we could live with care and tenderness with our one, simple life.  That's a choice-and it presents itself every day.


I look forward to Sunday-Easter Sunday-for all the color and life and promises of renewal and resurrection.  But what I savor right now is that we can care for each other, and the people around us, any day.  Find your tender path.  Find your way to live gently, tenderly, with those around you.  Try.  Practice.  Like this, perhaps.


And, just a reminder, here's the schedule for the rest of this tender week.






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