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Holy Week at Grace



Maundy Thursday

Thursday, April 21, 7pm

We sit at a table in a lovely, quiet room. The food is wonderful.  We eat a simple meal together-a soft murmur of voices regales us with wisdom, poetry. We hear Jesus say "Love one another. Like this..." Gently, he stoops to wash our feet-and shows us how to do likewise. But the betrayers are back, and this time they've brought reinforcements. In minutes, everything we know and love is stripped away. Where have they taken him? What will we do? We're rooted to the spot.


And yes, there is a richness children can experience through this evening service. For kids, 8 and older-perhaps the tenderness of the Maundy Thursday service will leave a lasting impression.Families and children will find this to be an enriching service to share, and we will be served by loving hands, including members of our high school confirmation class.




The Watch

April 21 - 22, 9pm to noon

Can we-will we-watch with this night? We'll try. From the end of the service on Maundy Thursday to the start of the service on Good Friday, we can stand with Jesus as he struggles to take the step of love.
Look for a sign-up sheet in the narthex at Grace. And, look for the chance to add nails and prayers to our Grace Cross, through the night and into Good Friday. You'll find the cross, hammers and nails in the Narthex from the end of Maundy Thursday until the end of prayers on Good Friday. 


Good Friday

Friday, April 22, 2 services, noon & 7 pm

Why do we call it "good?" A day of such challenge and sadness. Today, we'll try to answer that question. Come at noon to conclude the Watch or come in the evening. Time to tell the sad story once again and then listen to the echo in your heart. Through the story, and through our hearts, we experience the goodness.


Walking in the footsteps of Jesus

Friday, April 22, 4:30 pm

Walking the path of Jesus allows us to enter into the story of Jesus' death and resurrection in powerful ways. This special service gives young (and older) ones a chance to walk into the story and experience how Christians find meaning in death and resurrection. This will be an interactive experience for children and families, moving from the Sanctuary, outside, and back around the altar. This new service promises to tell this old story in new ways, helping our children (and those who love them!) access the deeper themes. 


Listen. Pray. Move.

Easter Sunrise

Sunday, April 24, 5:30 am

We'll gather in candlelight to sing, pray, and wait in silence. This dawn service is quiet, simple, with easy chants to sing and stretches of silence broken by story.  


Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 24, 2 services, 9 & 11 am  


From small signs and quiet beginnings, the seeds of hope and reflection we've planted bear fruit and flowers and sky blue eggs. The cross blooms, the earth blooms, and we find ourselves eye-witnesses to God in the present moment!  


Bring: Cut flowers and please take note: We do not have an 8 am service on Easter Sunday.


The Grace Labyrinth


During this Holy Week, be reminded that the Grace labyrinth offers the perfect spot for reflection and quiet meditation. Look for a new brochure at the bench next to the labyrinth with suggestions to consider as you walk.   

download the brochure here. 



Notes from the Vicar of Grace  

"Holy Moly"  



Hey All--    


I'm always looking for some new way to pitch it-some new way to invite us into the drama that is Holy Week.  And as I search for that pitch I end up feeling more like a character on "Mad Men" than I would like (although I do like those characters).  I don't want to "sell" us on Holy Week-I just want us to want it.  That's a tough sell. READ MORE 




Looking for Goodness 

Here is "Good" Happening.  We hear so much that just isn't good, but right here, each week, we'll provide a link to a little bit of goodness and grace.  And we love to hear from you, too.  Send us the goodness you'll see--we are made for this!






Arms Around Bainbridge

Arms Around Bainbridge is an Island organization that helps families and individuals who are suffering from major medical problems or a recent personal tragedy and lack adequate financial resources for necessary medical and other care. Olivia Carey, a familiar Island face -- and fitness trainer to many a Gracie -- was the first recipient for Arm's several years ago. Olivia is once again in a tough battle against ovarian cancer. To help Olivia and other Arms' beneficiaries visitthe organization's website, Arms Around Bainbridge, to learn more about a silent auction and benefit on May 21, 6 to 8 pm at Island Fitness. 






Kids Happen 



Kids In/Parents Out

April 30, 5 to 8:30 pm


It's time to sign up for our spring Kids Night on Saturday, April 30. Parents, here's your opportunity for some time at home to garden and spring clean, or make a reservation and enjoy an evening out. There'll be outdoor games, gardening, art and dinner for the kids.  After a little dessert, we'll wind down with a movie.  Drop off is at 5pm and pick up it at 8:30. A small donation to help cover the cost of food and art supplies will be gratefully accepted. To help us plan the right amount of food and supervision, be sure and sign up by emailing Debbie Rimkus.     




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Grace Food Basket April 

Pasta, Jelly, canned meat (not tuna), dry cat food, variety of cereals, beans (protein), mixes for meals.  





 2011 Outreach Grant Application 

The 2011 Grace Outreach grant application is available online or by contacting Mark Kruse.


The Farm Stove Project /Proyecto Estufa Finca

Now in its second year, a group of volunteers from SeaChar (Seattle Biochar Working Group) have completed a pilot project working with organic coffee growers in the Santos region of Costa Rica to provide micro-gasifier cookstoves to migrant coffee pickers to reduce exposure of women and children to smoke from open cooking fires and to produce biochar. Organic coffee farmers are already familiar with biochar, having used it in their compost formulations for the past 10 years. Grace is pleased to welcome Art Donnelly following the 9:30 service on May 15. Grab a cup of coffee and join us to learn about his leadership with this project. You can also view the short film below to learn more about the Farm Stove Project.

Mas que Café
Mas que Café


Ann Vekklyn