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Hey Everyone--

While it's only April, and hardly Spring, we are pretty aware that our regular Thursday nights are coming to an end for this season and year.  It's been our pattern to stop youth group in the middle of May--acknowledging that the last month of the school year is just pretty darn packed--for kids and their families.  It seems somehow healthy and supportive to create pockets of "air" in everybody's calendars.  I certainly know that to be the case in my own life--with one kid trying to finish his freshman year, and another one taking that step of graduation.  So, here's the schedule ahead, with some pretty cool highlights.     

April 14: Regular Schedule.  We plan to talk about how the kids hope to grow--in their own ways.  Maybe we'll make some growth charts--for measuring that inner growth. We'll be using a couple of clips from the NBC series "Parenthood."  It's a good show. Aside from Sport Center, I watch Parenthood and Modern Family.  Both shows inspire me!


April 21:  Well, it's Holy Week.  No youth group because it's Maundy Thursday.  But the service at Grace that night is amazingly good, rich, symbolic, active.  If you've been, then you know.  If you'v never been, give it some consideration.  It starts at 7, and many of our High School Confirmation Group will be there.


April 28: Regular Schedule.  It's all about "Faith."  Faith in each other.  And God.  Or Good.  Or all of the above.  The more faith the better!


May 5: No regular youth groups, but the usual First Thursday for Juniors and Seniors at Bainbridge Bakers.


May 12: Wow--Last Regular Group.  All about Love!  It's the love that lasts.


May 18: A Big Deal: The Rite of Confirmation!  A core of High School Folk have been preparing for this all year.  This will be a wonderfully unique occasion and it would be made even more so if there were lots of other kids and families there to support them.  It's a pretty remarkable tradition. The service starts at 7pm.


June 5: Supper Senior Sunday at Grace.  We stand up our Seniors, bless them and pray for them and send them out into the great big world!  As best we can . . . 

OK, so that's the plan.  Subject to the winds of change--just like our kids.  It goes without saying that by time we crank up again in September Kathie and I will be aching to get back in touch with these kids.  Our theme this year has been "Faith. Hope. Love." and there is no doubt that Thursday nights awaken all 3 of those things in us. And your support--with food, and commitment, and affirmation is an essential part of that.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.